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Dear Friend Or Family Member: About This Blogging Thing

When I first started this blog over eighteen months ago now, I kept it a secret. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or why I was doing it. Why did I start a blog? It felt a bit silly, it looked a bit crap and I wrote quite a few posts that weren’t really very good or authentic. I didn’t share any of the blog with people I knew in real life (except my husband) and I didn’t share anything about it on social media.

It wasn’t until I started to get positive feedback from people who read my blog that I didn’t know, that I started to grow in confidence and write more like myself. It also took a few months for me to realise the power of social media and what I was missing out on. I wasn’t sharing anything and so no one really knew it was there.

If you can’t be bothered to blow you’re own trumpet, no one else is going to blow it for you.


These days, of course it’s quite different. If anything you are probably sick to death of my self-promoting Facebook posts or my new blog post alert emoji on Instagram. That’s ok I am not offended, even people that love you, can’t love everything you do, all the time. Some of my posts simply aren’t relevant to you, especially the ones about blogging. And others might not be to your taste (the ones with all the shits and fanny’s) .

Some might even downright horrify you – “why does she share all this personal stuff on the internet for everyone to see?”

And this leads me onto my point, why do I blog? What is this blogging thing all about? You probably have no idea at all or you may have the wrong one.

At first glance, you might consider that it is because I am in love myself. That I think I am the dogs bollocks, that my life is fabulous, my son is adorable and I want you all to be jealous. So, so jealous. On closer inspection however, you will find that this is not the case. You only need to read a few posts about my terrorist child or my rows with my husband to determine that in fact no, you are best off out of it.

Perhaps it is because I am desperate for attention? That I want everyone to look at me and praise me so I can  bask in their undying admiration and adulation. Except, if you know me you know, the last thing I like is attention. I much prefer to be left alone and besides, there are much easier ways to get attention than this. Believe me.

And so, I just wanted to let you know why I blog. So you can understand what motivates me to spend, literally hours each week – writing and over-sharing and self-promoting.

It’s My Only Creative Outlet

I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I can’t play guitar but apparently I can write, a little at least. I didn’t know this until now, until I was almost thirty years old. I love writing, particularly the sarcastic, sweary stuff. It helps me order my thoughts and let go of my frustrations.

It’s Helps Me Store Memories

There are all kinds of small happenings, everyday moments, things people have said that I’ve written about that I would just never remember had I not blogged about it. There are also so many photographs that would have got lost along the way had I not used them on the site or in my Instagram posts. I always think that, although the blog wont go on forever – it will always be here on the web like a digital scrap book that I can re-visit when I am older.

It’s Encouraged Me To Learn New Skills

There are hundreds of things I’ve learned because of blogging. All of which I’ve taught myself, through sheer determination and perseverance. With help from YouTube tutorials and other bloggers of course, but what I mean is that I did not have this knowledge before. The biggest thing I have learnt to do is build a website, from scratch – a self hosted, fully legit website.

It’s Encouraged Me To Meet New People

On the internet and in real life, I’ve approached people and worked with them. I’ve pitched ideas to brands and PR companies, I’ve built friendships with other bloggers and got involved in the community.

It’s Making Me Money

My blogging and social media platforms earn me money. I’m actually really proud of this, because something I have created on my own – out of nothing is now supplementing my family’s finances. I now see it as a mini business, a really, really mini one but a business none the less.

It’s Giving Me And My Family New Experiences

Through the blog we as a family have enjoyed some great days out and have been sent some brilliant products. Later this year, we are off on a holiday which we otherwise would not have been able to afford. It’s amazing what the blogging world can open up for you, if you work hard and take a few chances.

So that’s it really, that’s why I blog. Thanks to all of you who have supported me (especially my Mum!).

PS. Did you know that the best way that you can help your friend or family member who is a blogger is by sharing (not liking) their posts on your own social media pages – particularly Facebook.

Just in case you wondered you can do that by using these sharing buttons right here…

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  1. My blog is 14mths old and my husband is still my only “real life” contact who knows about it! I’m in the middle of drafting a post about wanting to tell people about my blog so I felt this post was really relevant to me. I think non-blogging people have any idea how much work goes on behind the scenes of a blog – coding and promoting and pitching to brands. It really is a huge task, and definitely something you should be proud of. Also, massive congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #blogcrush linky! #blogcrush

  2. Amen!

    If I had a family, outside of the members living under my roof, I’d insist they all read my blog. 🙂

    I’m proud of you for being proud of you!

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