The Return of the Bastard Migraine

Previous to being pregnant I suffered with migraines on what I now realise was a chronic basis. I literally had a migraine, a visual disturbance or a constant headache every day. Every bloody day, for maybe three, four years. I just thought that was the norm for me. What a fucking idiot.
Then the wonder that is pregnancy happened! Yes it was great to be pregnant and have a baby and all that but that’s not the point of this article. The point is that pregnancy made my migraines disappear!

Disappear, as in gone. As in fucked right off, never to return.

Of course pregnancy made me suffer in other ways, spending ten weeks lying on the bathroom floor covered in bile and sweat was not exactly the experience I was expecting but hey he was worth it in the end. Mostly….
Anyway after the miracle of childbirth (or epidurals and surgical incisions in my case), those bastard migraines came back to me with a vengeance. Having been on hormone holiday for nine months, they caught the express train back from Arsehole Ville and greeted me with a horrendous attack, just two weeks post partum.

Shit tits. I was barely coping in my pre-baby migraine world.

Popping pain killers, lying in dark rooms, rubbing the essence of the sacred Hoola Talluha plant on my temples had become a way of life. There was no way I could do all that with a newborn baby in tow.

If you’ve never suffered with migraines before, you’ll think all that was a bit dramatic for a little headache, I completely understand. I can’t really explain to you how horrendous a migraine feels but if you would like to be able to relate to this post its kind of like….. well try ramming a pencil in your eyeball and bashing your head against the wall at the same time. Then let Miley Cyrus sit in your ear and sing to you for three hours about her hoo-hah. You could also add projectile vomiting out of your nose, if you want to get the full effect.
Visually the best way I can explain to you is with this picture. This is what one of my migraines ‘looks like’. Partial blindness is quite scary. The blackness moves with you and when you move your eyes, you can only see some of everything you are looking at.

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So obviously you can’t be walking around half blind, half dead in agonising pain when you have a baby. I no longer had the luxury of time to have a migraine, I couldn’t just stop and be ill anymore. I went to my Doctor, seeking some hardcore pain medication thinking he’d give me a tablet that would numb any migraine in its tracks. He didn’t, he gave me preventative medication.

Whats that you say? Preventative medication?

Yes! PREVENTATIVE medication! I have no clue how it works, I just take these tablets everyday and I hardly ever get a migraine. I’ve gone from at least one migraine a week to I’d say, five over the last two years. One of which was very recent and quite rough to be honest but it made me realise how I’m fortunate I am, that these days to only suffer occasionally.
I read an article online this week about women who suffer with chronic headaches, its pretty common I have friends who have similar struggles as well. It all seems to be hormone related, something that can be made worse by stress, tiredness and for some people certain foods. What seems to be a general consensus is that constant overuse of pain medication can actually make attacks worse and more frequent, so preventative remedies are definitely the way to go.

Do you suffer with headaches and migraines? Any tips or advice?

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