Talking About Clean Bottoms With Andrex®

There is something about toilet training that really lowers the tone in your household. I mean, the main topic of conversation in our house over the last fortnight has been poo. For real. We talk about it, we worry about it – we celebrate it even. Guests show up, enthusiastically inquiring after the current wee to poo ratio. I receive text messages at work, advising me on the daily success tally.

There was a time, I can just about remember it… when I didn’t come home from work and nervously greet my husband with the question

“Did we poo today?”

That time when I didn’t discuss bowel movements with my Mother In Law.

When my son didn’t stand at the front door and proudly declare to the Sainsburys delivery driver, with his arms stetched wide:

 “SCUSE ME MAN – I did a HUGE POO POO in my potty!”

Ahh those were the days…

But to be fair, I don’t want to do him (or ourselves) any injustice – he’s been brilliant and taken to toilet training like a Boss.

I’ve had only one single poop your pants incident and that’s been it! There has been a lot of proof in my pudding with regards to the article I wrote, the one about waiting and being certain that your child is ready.

Alongside the toilet training we are also trying to educate him more about being clean, he’s a wilding this boy and thinks nothing of mud and dirt and snot. They say you don’t need to bath your child every day, they are wrong. They are very wrong. He has one most nights. Sometimes even during the day.

The toilet training has coincided nicely with starting preschool this month, where they start putting a greater emphasis on being a bit more independent and preparing them for school next year. This is quite topical at the moment and is something that Andrex® are discussing with their new Clean Routine idea. They recently discovered that 63% of parents don’t feel their children are ready to go to the toilet on their own when they start school. In essence the Clean Routine is all about teaching children how to wipe their bottoms properly – you know from front to back and making sure they wash their hands.


Luckily my son is quite keen on this idea as he still hasn’t shaken off his obsession with unrolling loo paper (what is the deal with that?) He also likes to do things himself and tells me often, whilst rolling his eyes

“I can do it, MUMMY!” 

So, we’ve been talking to him a bit more about germs and how they spread and how they could make you unwell.

The idea behind the Clean Routine is five simple steps to finish clean and confident. Learning the steps, using enough paper and washing your hands is then something he can take through with him to preschool and in the future, be self assured enough to go to the toilet on his own and not require any assistance.

Win-win for everyone involved if you ask me!

You can find out more and download a Clean Routine Star Chart from their website, which would run nicely alongside a typical potty training chart. In our house the more stars/praise given has definitely equaled the more success!

Next up is night time training, I’ll keep you posted. I’m yet to buy water proof sheets, maybe on purpose, just putting that off for a bit…


*This is a paid advertorial by Andrex®, but as usual these are my real opinions and experiences*

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