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Starting School With The Minions


Next week, Finley starts school. I keep reading that sentence in a bit of disbelief to be honest. I mean, I’m all up for him starting school – in fact I think it’s great but I still I can’t quite believe it. The last four years have gone so fast, and yet so slow and suddenly here we are. Four years old and starting actual school.

Actual school. You know for big kids. Not for my little blonde lunatic who only five minutes ago was still wearing nappies and sleeping in a cot and spitting out mashed up bananas…

Although he’s only just turned four and will be one of the youngest, in reality he’s totally ready for this. He’s a self declared “big boy” now and loves all the counting and playing with friends and routine that pre-school already set the tone for.

We’ve started the process of getting ready for school, by buying uniform and new school shoes. He had a few of his new classmates at his birthday party and we talk more and more about what happens at school and what to expect. It also really helps that his cousin, who although is a year older and will be in a different class, goes to the school already and he is excited that he will see her everyday.

He was also really lucky to be sent some special ‘Back To School Goodies’ thanks to the Despicable Me 3 movie that came out this Summer. He loves the Minions and we have enjoyed watching the films. He was especially happy to receive a new lunch box and water bottle for school. The bundle also included some great Minion lights, a new towel and a water pistol. Perhaps, we wont take that last one to school however!

How is your starting school preparation going?

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