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Starting School With My

This September Finley starts school for the first time and after a few introduction sessions, we are just starting to get everything organised. And jeez, there is so much to organise…  A big thing to sort out is school uniform – sweatshirts, polo shirts, trousers, shoes – the list goes on and it’s going to be expensive.

So the last thing I want is for him to lose any of this stuff before he gets good use of it. That’s why I’ve been on the look out for name tags, so that I can label everything in the hope that if he does misplace things (and I’m sure he will!), they will find their way back to him soon enough.



Luckily we were sent some great labels from and I have a discount code to share with you at the end of this post! My Nametags are an online printing service that can create iron on tags for clothes and stick on labels for equipment such as pencil cases and lunch boxes. It’s a fully customisable website, meaning you can choose from hundreds of designs, colours, fonts and images.



It’s easy to use, you can do it in minutes – adding names and phone numbers or class numbers. Finley chose a pirate design for his clothes and a dinosaur one for his stickers. I think they’re lovely for younger children and he really liked choosing his own, he also picked out some for his cousin.

The name tags arrived within days of ordering and they only charge £1 for postage which is very fair. On the back of each packet are instructions for use, which is particularly helpful with the iron on tags. It’s not complicated to do and they provide you with silicone paper to protect the label and garment.

You can also purchase plain black and white iron ons and stickers, which will be more suitable for older children.


You said something about a discount code?

Yes I did! My have given me a discount code to share with you guys which is valid from 13th July to 20th July .  It will get you 7% off orders placed.

The code is : SARAH7

Please be advised that I DO NOT receive any commission/ benefits from you placing an order using this discount code.


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