Project 365: Week Two 2018

This is my second post for my Project 365. Capturing a photo and a memory (or two) for every day of this year.

7th-13th Jan

Day Seven

Adam took Finley out to the dreaded soft play in the afternoon (he doesn’t seem to hate it as much as I do). They were gone for a few hours and I just stayed home with the baby. She’s mastered grabbing and rolling now so is pretty chuffed with herself. I think she’s going to be moving around as quickly as she is able because she is such a nosey baby. Always wants to be upright, looking at what’s happening and whose talking.

Day Eight

First day back of school, I thought Finley might have a little wobble about going back to school after two and a half weeks off but he was fine. His biggest concern was many how house points he was going to get for his homework and the three books he had read. Apparently they had hot dogs for lunch which was far better than the ‘gusting’ sandwich I made him for tea. Thanks kid, you are welcome.

Day Nine

Tuesday night I managed to get some blog work done. My post about renting where we live had been  picked up by Mumsnet the day before – which was nice to see. I’ve been featured by them a few times in the past – they love a hint of controversy don’t they? I remember my post about a three year old Finley not yet being potty trained was picked up last year as well. They love a good rant but then so do I…

Day Ten

About ten minutes after I took this photo I realised that Finley is possibly ambidextrous. He was using the laptop mouse in his right hand as that is how I had left it set up for myself in the day but he seemed to be struggling with some actions. So I moved it over to the left side and it was easier for him. However, he will colour with his right hand but eat (fork/spoon hand) with either. I’m going to watch him more closely over the next few weeks and ask his teacher what she thinks. It’s no big problem but might explain why he’s been getting so frustrated with learning to write. He’s been really into his phonics and learning the letters – sounding them out and doing all the songs and actions since he started school but the actual writing down of letters and words seems to get him all flustered and pissed off. Perhaps we are all trying to get him using the wrong hand or perhaps he doesn’t even have a preference yet. Or perhaps he is four, gives no shits and would rather be playing with dinosaurs..

Day Eleven

Smiling even though she has a cold. She always drinks less when she is under the weather and we’re going through about ten bibs a day with all the snot, dribbling and her reflux issues. I reckon we own about forty bibs, I kid you not.

Day Twelve

Injection day for Niamh, here she is sleeping in the waiting room blissfully unaware beforehand. It was her last batch until she’s one, thank god because I really hate taking her. I know its for the greater good but she just cries and cries and it makes me feel so mean. She still has her cold but was generally fine all day but a bit grumpy in the night and this morning (now Saturday) she has been very sensitive particularly to loud noises or being moved about. No fever though, touch wood.

Day Thirteen

Finley had a sleepover at his Nanny’s last night, so Adam and Niamh have gone out this morning to collect him. I’ve stayed home to tidy the upstairs. The state of our bedroom has been driving me nuts for weeks, it’s all the baby paraphernalia everywhere. We are picking up her ‘big’ cot tomorrow (got myself an eBay bargain) so I’ve just spent two hours moving our bedroom around to make space for it. She will sleep in our room until she is at least six months because she will be sharing a room with Finley and she’s got to be less disruptive before that can happen. I’ve also got the bathroom cleaned and organised #smallwins.

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  1. Oh my goodness I’m totally broody now! The pic in the car seat in the purple outfit is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages! #project365

  2. Lovely photos… that snow suit is awesome #365

  3. I’m not a big fan of soft play either. Had to giggle at the idea of the gusting sandwich.

  4. I remember I couldn’t stand soft play either. When my younger one was the same age as Finley, he also used both hands. Well done on being featured on Mumsnet. Hope your little sunshine recovers from her cold soon.

  5. Ah I remember taking the girls for their jabs and hated it. Thankfully they weren’t too bad and didn’t cry too much but still felt guilty!

    I am not a fan of soft play either.

  6. I used to hate taking them for their jabs when they were small, they always used to look so calm and peaceful beforehand! But they all soon got over it, I think it affects mums worse. We have always kept the youngest in our room longer than six months for exactly the same reason, but each time I was worrying for no reason as all the others used to sleep through the smallest’s noise anyway!

  7. Lots of lovely moments & memories – I’m taking part in project 365 this year, and it is great for capturing the every day things. A wonderful week ahead to you.

  8. Soft play is most certainly not the funnest place to be! I am with you in preferring to stay home.
    My son is the same with using both hands too. I find that he uses whichever he finds easier at the time. .Great news that the start back to school went so well.
    Well done for getting noticed by Mumsnet for your renting post!

  9. Lovely photos of Niamh. Glad the return to school went well. My daughter is 11 and still hates most of the food put in front of her! Interesting to read that Finlay may be ambidextrous. I knew my eldest was left-handed from three months, which was a surprise as neither my husband or I are left-handed.

  10. That smile is contagious! It’ll be interesting to see if F is ambidextrous or not, maybe he’s just not found a comfy hand yet. 🙂 N looks so peaceful sleeping before her jabs. Busy week #365

  11. Glad your little boy was ok once he was there. It is difficult after being off. Hope you’re little one gets better soon x #project365

  12. nice to get some time to do some housework without having to watch the children. very therapeutic getting little things done.
    Think we all hate taking them for injections.
    I do a lot of things with my left hand despite being right handed as all my siblings and both my parents were left handed so a lot of it was normal for me

  13. Glad to hear the jabs went as well as possible and we’ll done on getting some cleaning sorted too. That’s a successful week to me! #365

  14. That’s great you can fit a cot in your room, I had no choice but to move my son into his own room at 13 weeks. I’m a leftie but use the mouse in my right hand, same with my son. He’s definitely not as leftie as me as he uses scissors in his right hand, and there is no way on earth I could do that. I find the whole thing fascinating #365

  15. hehehe! I hate soft play too…
    It sounds like the return to school went well! Hooray and well done for getting noticed by Mumsnet….The renting post was a great one.
    Fab photos x

  16. I suspect your son would rather be playing with dinosaurs. How nice that he likes being back in school. My kids used to tell me my food was ‘gusting’ also.

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