Project 365: Week Three 2018

I don’t really know what’s gone on this week. It’s been a very slow one, that’s gone by very quickly. I know that doesn’t make much sense but there we are!

14th-20th Jan

Day Fourteen

I bought a second hand East Coast space-saver cot off eBay for 50 quid and Adam went to collect it on Sunday. He also built it too. Bloody bargain as hasn’t been used and is ideal as we are limited for room. A few weeks ago I also picked up some Little Bird cot sheets and a patchwork cot tidy in the Mothercare sale. I love that range its so retro and vintage. Whether Niamh likes her new sleeping arrangements is yet to be seen however…

Day Fifteen

We spent our day at home apart from the school runs, just sitting on the rug – doing ‘exercises’ (not me, the baby obvs) and watching history docs on the iPlayer. One plus of having the baby at home versus the four year old is that at least you can watch your own TV  – if she’s not screaming of course. She’s sitting up now – with support and is rolling around.

Day Sixteen

Finley’s bedtime is around 7pm and if he’s been good, after stories he gets another 5 minutes with his light on. This is him ‘reading’ a book but the minute I turned my back he had all his train track out. I love his bedroom, its basically the attic and has its own stairs leading up to it – like a secret little room.

Day Seventeen

Terrible photo I know but he wanted me to come into his classroom after school this week to see all the house points he’d earned. Exciting week for him on this front as for the first time ever, his house were the winners of the week with the most points. He was literally beside himself, apparently he had to stand up in assembly and be clapped. He’s so into school, it makes my heart happy.

Day Eighteen

My Dad, sister and niece came over in the afternoon and to pick Finley up from school. Again a terrible photo I know, not really sure what’s going on – he’s probably wiping snot up his sleeve to be honest.

Day Nineteen

I posted this on IG and Facebook on Friday only to be reminded by my husband that in fact it was the 19th, not the 20th and so she wasn’t actually 4 months old today at all #ivelostthebloodyplotcanyoutell  . Anyway, here’s to the newborn phase being well and truly over!

Day Twenty

Adam is working this weekend and in all honesty I really struggle with the two kids together on my own. That’s a ridiculous thing to say I know but I think its a combination of the crap weather, so being largely stuck indoors and also the fact that together they are very disruptive to each other. She wont sleep for hours (when she normally would) because she is so fascinated by what he is up to. Then she gets so overtired she becomes ratty and he then starts to get bored and acts out making loads of noise and waking her up. And the cycle goes round and round. It will get easier as she gets older and doesn’t want to be held all the time. We did manage to make Superhero cakes however.

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  1. The attic bedroom looks so cosy and comfy #project365

  2. We had one of those cots when Viggo was small, they’re brilliant. It gets much easier as they get older and don’t need to be amused all the time, but then you spend all your time being called or them wanting to know why, so every stage is challenging in its own way x

  3. The cot was definitely a bargain! Looks great. The room in the attic looks great!

  4. The cot is a great bargain, and that vintage-style cot tidy is lovely too. The bedroom looks snug and cosy. Baby grinning on the 4th month photo is super cute.

  5. That cot looks amazing. I love the boys bedroom, it is fabulous. It looks so cosy. Well done getting them to bed at 7pm. #365

  6. the cot looks like a great bargain, hope she sleeps in it without too much bother.
    I think it is hard when you have them at different ages and stages and both need different types of amusing, it will get easier.
    Nice that he is loving school.

  7. Well done on your cot bargain. I do like the style of it.

  8. That cot looks fab and even better if it was bargain. I think your son and mine would get on well. There’s always train track building going on when he should be asleep here #365

  9. That sheet is the best thing ever!

  10. I totally get where you’re coming from about struggling with two kids on your own – I think most parents have been there! I love Finley’s bedroom too. I’m in awe at you getting him to bed for 7pm. None of my kids have ever gone to bed at that time, even as babies and toddlers and now they’re teenagers bedtime is a complete lost cause!

  11. love your sons bedroom, we used to have two of our kids in the old attic rooms, they loved being hidden up there and most of the mess went unnoticed #365

  12. You made superhero cakes even on a “bad” day?!! You rock!! And I love your boys room! So cool. #365

  13. Aww! That cot looks fantastic.
    I love your boys bedroom too. It looks so cosy. x

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