Project 365: Week Six 2018

4th –10th Feb: Days Thirty Five to Forty One



Both me and the baby have had colds this week so it’s been a bit meh and involved a few nights of bad sleep. Thank God for Calpol Vapour Plug-Ins! Also we had some snow, which was a bit of a let down but made Finley happy.

None of these photos are of particularly good quality but its been one of those weeks. The first top left is Sunday at my parents. Niamh had her first go in a door bouncer (she actually really enjoyed it) this photo was towards the end when she’d had enough. Just makes me laugh!

The middle picture is one of the panoramic ones of the state of our living room just hours into Finley being on half term. I’ve just got to accept that it is going to be complete chaos all week!

On Saturday, Finley made all his Valentines cards – with chocolate love bugs inside. I was surprised by his sudden confidence and nonchalance about writing his name, he just whizzed through them. A matter of weeks ago, writing his name just once would have been absolute torture – for both of us!

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  1. I really hope that you have all got over your colds now? Great pics.

  2. Our snow has been a total let down too, maybe this week… #project365

  3. Hope this week has been kinder to you, and you’re over your colds. Our floors are also covered with toys, in our case it’s Lego everywhere, in every single room, drives me nuts.

  4. Love the idea of chocolate love bugs in the cards #365

  5. It’s great when writing just clicks and they realise they can do it #project365

  6. I love to see bloggers keeping it real with their kids and lives, our lounge looked like that all the time, i gave up tidying it, even for visitors, hope you’re all feeling a bit better now and well done to Finley with his card and name writing, it’s lovely when they all of a sudden just ‘get it’

  7. Ahh! Fab photos! I hope you are all feeling better now…

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