Project 365: Week One 2018

This year I’ve decided to take part in Project365 via my blog and on Instagram. It’s basically about taking a photo everyday of the year and recording a memory – no matter how big or small. I’m going to treat it like a photo diary.

Week One 1st Jan – 6th Jan

Day One

I love this photo, its my family. From the top left : my brother in law Adam, my Dad Paul and my husband Adam holding (terrified?) baby Niamh. Along the bottom from the left, my Mum Ann, my sister Amy with my niece Charlotte and my son Finley on her lap and then me. In the middle is our family friend Carole. We had a roast dinner and fireworks to celebrate New Year. We were forced by Finley to play endless games of snakes and ladders, which wasn’t so bad as I had a few glasses of bubbly to celebrate the New Year!

Day Two

Adam was back to work today so I stayed home with the kids. The weather was craptastic and we are still wading through plastic toys that need constructing and cardboard boxes that wont fit in our wheely bin. It’s stressing me out to be honest. I’m desperate to get the decorations down but I can’t find the time. We also started Finley’s homework – this masterpiece is a playdough Christmas Tree that his teacher gave him as a present/ holiday activity.

Day Three

It was just Niamh and I this afternoon, as Adam and Finley were out. I managed to get most of the decorations down, honestly made me feel so much better its such a relief. I love Christmas but once its over I just want it to be bloody over. I also re-launced my site from Admissions Of A Working Mother to Mum OverRun. I had everything re-directed before Christmas and had been mucking about with it all over the last few weeks. I’ve written a post about it here and I’m really excited (and a bit scared) about this change. I hope being brave doesn’t come back to bite me in the arse.

Day Four

There is a phrase in our family that gets used quite often, it’s “Aslett luck” and it’s ironic because it’s basically bad luck. You just have to be an Aslett to have it – by birth and even marriage it would seem…  This week my husband bought a new car and by new car, I do not mean new – I mean slightly less shit than his previous.

And there he was with his new old-banger happily driving around for a good four hours before it basically fell apart outside the house as he pulled up. This photo is of Finley and my Dad taking a look under the bonnet to ascertain for sure, that the car is indeed fucked.

This week my husband bought a new car and by new car, I do not mean new – I mean slightly less shit than his previous.

Day Five

The ‘doughnut’. This was one of Niamh’s Christmas presents and she hardly gets a chance to use it because if Finley isn’t using it as a surf board – the cats think its for them. We still have all the new toys, all over the lounge but at least most of the packaging has gone.

Day Six

We’re being pretty lethargic today, Niamh didn’t get out of bed till 9am. She is starting to just want feeding once in the night now so things are looking up a bit. I’m doing a cooked meal for lunch as we are all really hungry. I think we’re going to take the boy bowling this afternoon. It’s really bloody expensive bowling though. It’s always like twenty quid for half an hours entertainment but I’m not sure what else we can do really. It’s raining and the only other option is soft play and quite frankly I’d rather poke myself in the eye with my car key than sit in a freezing cold warehouse, surrounded by screaming children. Bowling it is then.


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  1. Oh well that’s me all broody again! Can’t wait to get to know you better through #project365

  2. Welcome to project 365…looking forward to seeing your pics each week.

    Love the family photo!

    That’s a shame about the car!

  3. Oh dear, car tip heaven?! Cats love to get into the places they shouldn’t be. I love your family photo. 🙂

  4. Welcome to project 365, the change of site looks great. All my children loved the doughnut when they were little, hope Niamh gets to use it soon!

  5. You are a woman after my own heart; “basically it’s fucked!” 😉

    Project 365 was always about catching the little moments of the every day normal, that’s why I started the linky years ago, and I hope that this year gives you many little smiles to look back on. I can’t wait to see how your little family progresses throughout the year.

  6. Not good news about the car, what a nightmare. Happy new year & im looking forward to following your adventures x #365

  7. Not good news about the car, what a pain. Like Sarah, looking forward to following your family adventures in the months to come #365

  8. Love the family photo, that is awesome #Project365

  9. Nice to meet you. What bad news about the car! I do like the family picture you started with though.

  10. Sorry to hear about the car, not the best start to the year. Lovely family photo of you all, hope to see many more throughout 2018

  11. Welcome to 365 nice to meet you and your family. Great family photo. The last “new” car we bought we popped into the garage for a check over before we took it on the motorway, bought it with £2000 I won, and they wrote it off as dangerous and unroadworthy so I feel your pain. Hope you can do something with it.
    Cat looks very comfy in the doughnut.
    Hope your move does not come back to bite you in the bum

  12. Hi and welcome aboard #365 I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I love the family photo! Amazing that noone is blinking etc!! Hope you enjoyed bowling. I haven’t been in years but it was always fun.

  13. Welcome to Project 365!
    What a lovely family photo! Happy new year….
    Eek! Shame about the car 🙁
    I hope you had fun bowling! It is so expensive! x

  14. Welcome to 365! Sorry to hear about the car. Look forward to catching up with your news and getting to know you over the coming months.

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