Project 365: Week Four 2018

 21st-27th Jan

Day Twenty-One

Sunday morning at my parents, Finley had a sleepover with them on Saturday night and then spent most of the day with them. Before he started school he used to spend a whole day a week with each set of Grandparents whilst we worked. It’s nice that he still gets some quality one on one time with them with the occasional sleepover.

Day Twenty-Two

Finley’s started an after school on Mondays now, so Niamh and I walked the long way to pick him up. She was having an off day  a bloody horrendous day where she refused to sleep without being held, so sticking her in the pram for a walk/nap was like a freaking holiday.

Day Twenty-Three

Adam was off work today because he worked the weekend. We decided to give Niamh a go with baby rice. She’s just gone 4 months and although they recommend 6 months old , she’s showing all the signs that she’s ready. I think you just know when they are, I did with Finley but hesitated as a nervous first time parent. He was bloody mad for it when we did start weaning him. I’m just going to stick to plain baby rice once or twice a day for a week or so and see how she goes. If she’s loving it I’ll treat her to a banana or a parsnip soon. It’s an exotic life we lead here you know!

Day Twenty-Four

Post bath mega lush baby. Poor thing rarely gets one. When Finley was a baby I reckon I bathed him every other day and massaged him with fancy lotions. It’s amazing how much more time you have with the first one. This one is lucky if she has a bath once a fortnight and I don’t think a bottle of lotion or talc has got anywhere near her.

Day Twenty-Five

Niamh had a two hour car seat nap following the school run so I got loads of work done. I’m definitely getting back into the swing of things. I feel like I’ve got things to write about again plus the Christmas lull looks like its coming to an end as the work is starting to trickle through.

Day Twenty-Six

Today was supposed to be new sofa day so this photo is pre-school run, two kids no furniture. The old ones went out in the garden to be collected next week. Little did I know then that we’d actually be spending the next 24 hours like this. Honestly, trying to feed a baby on the floor kills your bloody back! Turns out the delivery was delayed due to the fisherman’s strike in Calais, naturally.

Day Twenty-Seven

Finley had a classmates birthday party this afternoon and the sofa’s showed up whilst we were out (whoop, whoop!) – Adam and Niamh stayed home to recieve them. Here he is sucking all the icing off the cupcakes #thatsmaboy

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  1. My children spend a lot of time with my parents. It is their second home and we see my mum almost everyday (we’ll see my dad ore when he retires!) #project365

  2. Love the post bath photo! Adorable 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your new sofa!

  3. Good luck with the baby rice. To be honest if they are ready to eat that, I think they are ready – after all it’s not very exciting taste wise.

  4. Lovely that he gets to spend time with the grandparents! Glad the sofas arrived and weren’t delayed for too long! The deliveries always happen when you are due out!

  5. The after bath baby photo is very lush indeed. I think we started weaning with sweet potato puree with our 2nd kid. I remember the baby rice made our first one very constipated, but of course, everyone is different.

  6. Glad the sofas arrived. Good luck with the weaning, go with your instincts xx #365

  7. i love your blog heading ‘Tales from the frontline’ does rather sum up parenting to me. how lovely the grandparents live near by.

  8. was it coming over on a fishing boat???
    Totally agree on you knowing when they need solids, if she is not ready she wont eat them.
    Not be long till she is sitting up and you can pop her in the bath with her brother. DD2 takes her daughter in the shower with her a few times a week.
    We have the brio wooden train track as well.

  9. Glad the sofas arrived. That’s sods law they come when you’re due to be out

  10. Good luck with the baby rice….When my girls were little the guidelines were 3 or 4 months to start baby rice. Mummy knows best. xxx

  11. Love that post-bath photo! It must have been so annoying to have no settee.

  12. Love the total absorption in the train track there. My great niece is just over four months too and my niece has started her with porridge, you know when it’s right for your child don’t you. My son was five months and he never looked back #365

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