Project 365: Week Five 2018

28th Jan – 3rd Feb: Days Twenty Eight to Thirty Four


I have had a lot on blog wise this week but it’s been good. I’ve been working non-stop in between baby naps and sometimes in the evenings. Although its taking up a lot of my ‘spare’ time, I’m really motivated at the moment and enjoying it again. I’ve also been asked to be the new Rants Round Up Editor for BritMums which is pretty cool and very appropriate for me!

We’ve started Niamh with a full blown bedtime routine now, we’re still to work out the finer details (such as confirming with her the significant difference between 5am and 6am…) but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her weaning is also going well, this week she’s tried carrot, pear and banana. Pear being her favourite.

Finley has been very busy, a glow disco, a sleepover and other things going on at school. This afternoon we made banana milkshakes, which cheered us up because it would appear that the boiler has gone so currently no heating or hot water. My phone says snow forcast for Monday so this should be interesting…

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  1. Glad that you are busy – blogging really is a 24/7 job isn’t it?

  2. Those smiles are just so precious! Hope you avoid the snow… #project365

  3. Certainly sounds like you had a busy week! X #project365

  4. Oh gosh it’s a nightmare being without a boiler. Hope you got it sorted quickly!

    And well done on being made a round up editor.

  5. Oh, the dreaded bedtime routine, my commiserations, 5am is not a good time to be awake. Hope your little lady agrees with you on a later waking up regime. Big well done on becoming an editor for Rants round-up!

  6. hope you have your boiler sorted, nothing worse than being cold with children in the house.
    Well done on your new position, will need to look for this when you post.

  7. Glad the bedtime routine is heading in the right direction #365

  8. I shall look out for the rants round up, i rant most of the time in my blog lol

  9. Hope you get the boiler sorted out (too cold to be without) and well done on the Britmums role.

  10. That photo of the two of them is awesome! #365

  11. Lovely photos, especially the one of the two children together. I like the sound of a Rants editor! I was the Teen and Tween editor for many years and I still miss it sometimes.

  12. Hope you get your water and heating back. It never goes off at warmer times of the year does it.

  13. It does sound like you have been busy. Congrats about being the rants round up editor.
    Good luck with the bedtime routine and I hope you get the boiler problem sorted soon x

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