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Don’t Snog Lambs But Eat All The Prawns: Pregnancy Advice From A Second Timer

The other day someone very kindly apologised to me for making prawn sandwiches when they knew I couldn’t eat them. I was confused and then remembered that I am pregnant. Pregnant people aren’t supposed to eat prawns. I didn’t touch a prawn for nine months when I was pregnant the first time and that included a Christmas with several meals out all boasting lovely prawn cocktails. I won’t lie, it was a tough time. I love prawns.

However this time around, I’ve been quite happily getting my prawn on. In those very early weeks, before all that horrendous sickness and despair kicked in. I sat quite happily with my three year old, with a bowl full of cooked shelled prawns on my lap – showing him how to twist off the heads and tails, getting to the juicy good stuff inside.

Now of course -each to their own and I’m not saying it’s utter bollocks all the ‘foods to avoid in pregnancy’ advice. But surely it’s all down to a bit of common sense right? Certainly in terms of shell fish?

I mean just don’t eat dodgy shell-fish from dodgy places. Wash it and cook it yourself, don’t let’s get all hysterical.

In my opinion the same goes for cheesecake. Some fucker, somewhere told me or I read it in some god forsaken book that I couldn’t eat cheesecake when I was pregnant. So again for nine months, the first time around I didn’t eat a single smidgen of the stuff. Cheesecake is my favourite desert. I once spent £9 on a Twice Baked Raspberry Cheesecake from M&S and nearly got divorced over it. But listen not being allowed to have cheesecake when pregnant is utter horse shit. Please for the love of God, do not allow yourselves to suffer in this manner. Pregnant women can eat lovely cheesecake, cheesecake will not kill you or your baby. The only slight concern with cheesecake is you should make sure it’s made from pasteurised eggs and cheese. That’s basically every shop and café you ever go to, so you’re fine – okay?

Over four years ago when I was last pregnant, you were definitely not whatsoever allowed to eat peanuts (unless you, yourself had a pre-existing allergy of course). Despite there never being any medical evidence that eating, sniffing, touching peanuts when pregnant would give your kid an allergy – we all including the NHS went along it. This time around, low and behold I can eat all the nuts I want (ahem).

I’ve also touched a couple of lambs during this pregnancy and guess what? Everyone involved has lived to tell the tale. Not that I’m a prolific lamb toucher by any means but I can’t refuse a bottle feed in the lambing season especially when my three year old is so excited. In all seriousness, I do understand that sheep can carry dangerous infections that can be transferred to humans. But the risks are low – you can in fact go places where there will be sheep and you can even touch them. What you cannot do is milk them or birth them or full on snog them. And for gods sake, just wash your hands afterwards like any normal person would.

I didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol in my first pregnancy and I haven’t yet during this one. The NHS advises the safest approach is to avoid all alcohol during pregnancy, according to their website. At my booking in appointment, with this pregnancy my midwife commented on how my birthday would only be a few weeks before the expected due date. She then (without any prompting I hasten to add) said that she gave me her permission to treat myself to a large glass of wine on my birthday.

And I think I will be inclined to take her up on that invitation.

Drinking excessive, regular amounts of alcohol during pregnancy is dumb, selfish and abhorrent. Having a single glass of wine on your birthday or at Christmas is not. Allow your common sense to prevail.

When I was about eight weeks pregnant I took Finley to one those indoor trampoline parks. I even wore the weird socks, stood on an actual trampoline and bounced a bit. It was fine. It was totally fine, you know why? Because I have a brain and I didn’t bounce myself to oblivion or try and do a three point somersault. In fact I mostly just ran about trying to find him and trying not to pee myself. I couldn’t say it was fun but it didn’t hard my baby.

On this note, I have also been picking up my three year old whilst pregnant and can’t see what all the fuss is about. I’ve actually seen people wince when I’ve picked him up and swung him about. I’m a firm believer that if your body is used to doing something, it will be fine to carry on doing it whilst you are pregnant. Some people are used to going to the gym and they should carry on – I don’t want to get involved in that. I’m used to lugging around a lanky pre-schooler and I’m not about to tell him no just because I’m pregnant.

Also just to really freak you out – I don’t wash salad, because I never have. Deal with it.

So what I think I’m getting at here is – well don’t worry so much. Eat a few prawns, pick up your toddler – just don’t suck face with sheep. I hope you found this article incredibly helpful and scientific.


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  1. This is good common sense. I never even heard you should avoid prawns! I didn’t avoid prawns or cheesecake or peanuts in either of my pregnancies, and I savoured 1 small glass of wine a week. I actually measured the wine to ensure it really was a single unit. Both my kids are freaking geniuses now so it’s fine 😉😂

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