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Postpartum Hair Drama

Postpartum hair loss is a legitimate side effect of pregnancy, I didn’t know this the first time around. My hair which is naturally thick anyway, grew particularly luscious throughout and I walked around feeling a bit like Farrah Fawcett – only with a huge belly and ankles to match!


The problem was that all these lovely extra locks didn’t last and at around 3 months post birth – my hair started to fall out in what felt like handfuls! I would shower and wash my hair and the bath would be full of it. Or I’d comb it through and end up with a hair brush that resembled a small furry animal. It was actually a bit alarming!

Apparently it’s totally normal, if not a bit annoying! Your increased levels of estrogen in pregnancy encourage your hairs to grow for longer periods, meaning less fall out during those 9 months. But after you have your baby, the estrogen levels go back down to normal and a load of those hairs fall out all at the same time.

Of course in my first pregnancy I wasn’t expecting all this and it took a bit of a Google to determine it was ok! I started to worry if it was some kind of reaction to lack of sleep or stress and if I would somehow need to finance a hair transplant! But as it turned out, soon after the hair loss follows the wonderful treat that is postpartum hair regrowth. Observe if you will…

That’s an old Instagram image of mine from May 2014, when I was about 9 months post partum. Sexy aint it? It re-grew in all directions with no regard for style or gravity. It was hard to slick it down or even tie it back because it did it from the front as well! There really wasn’t much I could do about it.

So this time I’m prepared for the inevitable hair loss and regrowth. The best tips I can find are to not mess with your hair too much when it’s going through this change. I guess that means with dyes and products. And try not to use hair dryers and straightners too often (like I’ll have time for that anyway).

Failing that it will be Winter when all this kicks off, so I’ll just wear a lot of bobble hats!


*this post was written in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic*

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