Planning A Kids Party With Bidvine

It wont be long now until we have a fourth birthday party to plan and I can’t quite believe it. Not only will we have a four year child (when did that happen?) but he will also be off to school shortly after. You won’t believe them when they tell you it all goes so fast in those first few years, when you’re knee deep in nappies and teething gel but it really does!

Our son loves a party, he’s all about the cake, the games and the dancing. For his birthday, his biggest wish is definitely for a big birthday bash and so that is what we will give him. I have already hired a local village hall, which I can fill with up to 100 kids (I said up to, I didn’t say I was going to I’ve not completely lost the plot).

The plan is to just invite all his friends from his various social swarays, get them all in this hall and intermittently lob ham sandwiches and cupcakes at them. You know like one might do when fending off a group of rabid baboons. I might even get one of those nice Disney CD’s from Asda, to drown out the incessant screaming and shrieking that kids high on sugar are famed for.

However, in reality I know I’m going to need a bit more than a few crap cakes and a Frozen theme tune to make it through this alive. So we’re on the look out for some outsourced, minimum effort (on our part) wholesome party entertainment. And here in steps a little app called Bidvine. Bidvine is a one stop shop for searching trusted local  services, meaning you don’t have to traipse through Google or Facebook trying to find a handyman or a photographer.

Bidvine is easy to use, you just pop in a description of what you are looking for and your postcode. You are then asked some further questions – in my case the type of party entertainment I was after. I ran one search for Bouncy Castles and another for Costumed Characters. Then I confirmed it was for a birthday and gave an idea of the number of children who would be there. I had the option to add a party theme but because this seems to change every five minutes (Pirates/ Fairies/ Dinosaurs) I decided against it!

When I went back to my emails in the evening I had received a few quotes for bouncy castles in my area, all with contact details and websites to check out . It really was that easy!

If you are planning a big event such as a party or wedding this website is very handy, as you can just sit down – fire off a few requests and then go back to it the next day. I’d also recommended it for obtaining a variety of quotes if you are having any big work done such painting and decorating.


*This post was written in collaboration with Bidvine, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own*

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