Nourisil MD Silicone Gel Review: C-Section Scar

My first child was born by emergency C-section in 2013 and my second by a planned cesarean last year. Both cuts were typical, horizontal just below the pubic hairline. The first healed well and by the time I was pregnant again four years later – just a fine clear line could be seen. It was as thin as a pencil line and you could only really see it close up.

With my second I was assured they would trace the original scar, which they did. However this time around the cut was longer, I guess maybe because the existing scar tissue didn’t stretch as much. It also took longer to heal, much longer. It wasn’t so bad that I had any infection but the cut was red and loops of stitching hang around for ages before they eventually dissolved.

It didn’t help that a week after Niamh’s delivery I contracted a cold which sat on my chest and gave me a horrendous hacking cough. Honestly, I’ve never known pain like it – I spent days clutching a pillow my stomach thinking my guts were about to fall out!

Anyway, eventually the wound did heal of course and at around two months post-partum I started using Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel. Nourisil MD is a silicone gel used for the prevention and treatment of new and old keloids and hypertrophic scars.

What Type Of Scars?

Yep this was my first question too. Basically keloid and hypertrophic scarring can be where a scar becomes raised and/ or red in colour. In some cases the scar tissue can outgrow the original wound due to excess collagen and therefore invade healthy tissue. To sum up – the scar is much more noticeable and potentially unpleasant for its owner. Nourisil MD is recommended for surgical scars such a C-section and cardiac, cosmetic surgery scars and also wounds and burns.

So What Does Nourisil MD Do?

It’s aim is to fade, smooth and flatten scars along with reducing redness. It can also help alleviate pain and tightness.

How Does It Work?

Nourisil MD is not an absorbent gel, it actually sits on top of your scar forming a barrier. The layer of gel helps to re-establish the moisture balance in and around the scar to reduce the amount of collagen being produced. So over time the symptoms of the scar are less noticeable you begin to see the positive benefit mentioned above.

How Do You Use It?

It is recommended that you apply Nourisil MD twice daily to the scar and surrounding skin area to create a constant barrier. The more regularly the barrier is in place the quicker and better the results. Use should be for at least 60-90 days depending on the size of the scar.

So How Did I Get On?

I’ve been using the scar gel for just over 3 months now, applying twice a day once in the morning and once at night. I have massaged the gel on and around the scar and let it dry. It dries very quickly in about 30 seconds, unlike others that can take several minutes.

As with my original scar, I luckily didn’t suffer any pain once the surgical wound had healed so I couldn’t comment on the gel reducing discomfort or tightness. I have however read reviews where other users have found the gel to be beneficial in this way, so if you do suffer from scar pain it might be worth having a Google about this.

I can say however, that the gel certainly reduced the redness of my scar and helped it fade much quicker than my original did. Especially considering that this scar is a secondary one having been re-opened four years after my first surgery, I am very pleased with the results.

I am still only 6 months post C-section and so my scar still has time to fade further and I will continue using the gel. Since I started using Nourisil last year, it has now become available on the NHS and can be prescribed by GPs, which is great news for C-section Mum’s!


*this post was written in collaboration with Fagron UK (suppliers of Nourisil MD) however all opinions/events expressed are my own*

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