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Night Training: Kinda Smashed It

Around this time last year I wrote a post about how we had not yet potty trained our three year old. It was a post that I was particularly anxious about writing because I had been given the feeling that we were terrible lazy parents who really ought to have got this shit together a long time ago. We didn’t feel this way. We were totally chill about it all.

But other people had begun to twitch and mutter and we had been listening to “helpful” stories and suggestions for months. Anyway, long story short I’m pleased to tell you that we were bloody right.

Don’t you just love it when your right?

Our three year old took to potty training within the week, there was no drama, no upsets and no one ever had to clear up anyone elses poo from the floor!

Well not the three year old’s anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows – we do still have the occasional accident. There is always the possibility of an ignored urge to pee, when he is so engrossed in whatever. But generally speaking, potty training wasn’t even a thing. There was no ‘training’ as such, we just stopped putting nappies on and he started using the toilet. It was easier than weaning or teething or explaining where all the Dinosaurs went.

So job done. The next stage was ‘night potty training’.

Now back then almost a year ago, I imagined that night training would naturally follow day training perhaps within a matter of weeks. But it doesn’t or at least it didn’t for us and we just never got there. We just didn’t do it. It’s not like we tried and failed. We didn’t do it, we didn’t try – it just didn’t seem like something he was ready for. Every night he wet through his night nappy, it didn’t bother him, it didn’t bother us. And we just forgot all about it.

People did their muttering “oh, does he still wear a nappy to bed?”

And true to form – we ignored them.

Life moved nicely along.

Then about a month ago, at 3 years and 9 months we thought we’d give it a stab. To be honest I wasn’t optimistic, he was still merrily soaking through his night pull up and wasn’t concerned about it in the slightest. He never pooed in his pull up, he would always go to the toilet but weeing was a non-issue for him.

So we invested in the waterproof sheets and the sticky mats. Got out all the old bedding, even the Christmas duvet -covers resurfaced. We battened down the hatches, prayed to all the Gods and prepared for Pee-Gate 2017. We were expecting an outright all or nothing result

What we got was – well, meh.

Instead of a big disaster or a big miracle – we had about 5 weeks of once-a-night bed wetting. He was thrilled to have the ‘permission’ to leave his bedroom and visit the toilet. He did this constantly between the hours of 7pm and 9pm, it’s amazing how many wee’s one can need between these hours! Each night, we had one Pyjama and bed change and we just plodded on like that for over a month.

Then all of a sudden, one night he just started doing it. He started getting up for a wee in the middle of the night, or not at all and sleeping through. He stopped wetting the bed, we stopped having to change all the covers and voila – he smashed it!

Now I’m a realist and I fully expect to be changing the bed in the future – tonight probably after I’ve just got all smug about it! But much like the day potty training, the night training was done in his own time, at his own pace and he found his way with it.

And so I think what I’ve learnt with regards to all the peeing and the pooing is, just don’t worry about it – let them decide when it’s time. That way no one gets stressed and you don’t have to pick poo up off your sofa and that after all is the dream, right folks?

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