Night, Night One Year Old

On Wednesday night I put my one year old baby in his cot for last time, because in the morning he would be two and officially not a baby anymore.

I don’t remember feeling sad at all when he turned one but I am really struggling with mixed emotions at the prospect of him turning two.
On one hand I’m excited for the next year to come. I’m so looking forward to having proper conversations with him where I fully get what he’s talking about.
At the moment he has a lot of keywords like ‘yes, no, choo-choo, dinner, poo-poo,’ and he also has a couple of key phrases ‘not ver hair’ (not over there) and ‘eee es’ (here it is).

1st Birthday Party, what a difference a year makes!
Goodnight one year old

But I’m desperate for the time he starts telling us what he thinks or feels in full sentences. He has such a great sense of humour I can’t wait for this to shine through into his speech. I know there will be exciting mile stones this year like potty training and going up to a big boy bed. I know he’ll get more into bedtime stories and painting and there’s a chance he’ll sit still long enough for a whole Disney movie!
But on the other hand I’m so sad that he’s growing up because its going too fast for me. It feels like every day he learns a new word or the actions to a new song and I have to try to catch up.
He’s getting so big, so tall he’s all but lost his baby-chub. He’s wild blonde hair is thick where little fuzzy spots used to be. He suddenly knows his own mind. He knows what he wants (or doesn’t want) and he won’t hesitate to let you know!

So I put him to bed in his ‘I am 1’ t-shirt and kissed my baby goodnight.
In the morning I dressed him in his ‘I am 2’ t-shirt and kissed my toddler good morning and happy birthday!


Straight ahead to Todderville! Via Potty Place and Tantrum Town…

Do you feel like this when your babies have birthdays?

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