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Name That Baby: The Girl Edition

So last week I popped this plea up on my Instagram feed because we are really struggling to find a suitable name for our pending arrival. It’s not that we can’t come up with any names, it’s more that we can’t agree. My husband has come up with quite a comprehensible list of what appears to be names taken directly from 80s American TV sitcoms – Samantha, Jenifer, Stephanie, Amanda.  And I have a list of what I am informed are “whimsical old ladies names”  – think Mabel, Ivy, Nora, Esme.

It’s probably too late to question our comparability, right?


To be fair, we do have ten weeks to go and with our first born we did leave it till the last minute. In the days before he was born, we had whittled it down to about four names and the morning after his birth set ourselves a deadline of when we absolutely had to decide. The deadline was 7am, when we were going to call our parents to tell them the happy news and wanted to be able to tell them the baby’s name at the same time. It didn’t quite get to the stage of flipping a coin but in the end it came down to Finley or Seth and we chose Finley. I think because of its meaning ‘fair warrior’, because he was so blonde and little.

We still quite like Seth though and had the second one been a boy we probably would have gone with that – at least it would have been easy!

I’ll never forget ringing my Mum and trying to tell her his name in my slurring drugged up state.

“You called him what? Steven? You called him Steven? Steven?!”

Anyway, I was really impressed with the response I had on the baby girl name request front through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. There were a lot of names that I already liked, so thanks for that guys it really helps! Plus there were quite a few that I had never even thought of that I really loved.

The Ten Most Popular Names Were

  1. Rose/ Rosie
  2. Poppy
  3. Esme
  4. Sienna
  5. Charlotte
  6. Isabelle/ Isobel
  7. Scarlett
  8. Edie
  9. Ella
  10. Emily

I actually like all of these names, two of them already belong to my nieces so there out but the others are all in for consideration. I’m going to re-write my list for about the fiftieth time now. It’s harder than you might think naming a baby isn’t it?

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