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Little Street, Maidstone: Our Review

Last week we were invited to test out the new Little Street play centre in Maidstone, Kent. The venue officially opens this week and I had already noticed a bit of local hype about it on Facebook. They have an existing centre in Frimley, Surrey and due to its success they have been able to expand and open a second site near us!

The idea behind Little Street is well, completely unique – I am yet to see or hear about another play centre like it. The concept is based around playing to your child’s imagination, letting them engage in role play with you and other children.

This ladies and gentlemen – is no measly soft play. There was not a pee puddle or a curly fry in sight.

We visited with Finley (3) and his cousin who is 2 years old. We thought at first that it might be a bit too grown up for a toddler but we were wrong and both boys had a great time. Their particular areas of interest were the builders yard, the shop, the fire engine and the cafe. They both loved pushing their shopping trolleys around (complete with sitting baby) and dressing up as firemen.

Here’s a short video of what they got up to…

What’s great about it then?

  • It’s different! It’s not slides and ball pits like everywhere else. If you have children that love imaginative play/ dressing up/ playing a role (teacher/nurse/police offer) they will love this place.
  • It’s the same price as soft play (if not cheaper?). The max peak time charge is £6.30 for an hour and a half session.
  • It’s clean! It’s so clean, the staff spend time between and during each session cleaning up the venue and re-setting all the scenes.
  • There’s a seating /cafe area that is not located amidst all the playing. If you fancy a break you can still see the kids but they are not all buzzing about you.
  • We would recommend Little Street for children ages 2 – 6 years.

You can visit Little Street by pre-booking a session on their website (recommend) or by chancing your arm on the day and seeing if they have any spaces available. They limit the numbers for each session so it doesn’t become over crowded and crazy!


*We enjoyed our session at Little Street FOC in exchange for our honest review*

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