Leeds Castle, Kent

Last weekend we visited Leeds Castle or ‘Eeds Asshole’ if you say it phonetically, in Finley speak.

Yup, that kept us chuckling all day long that one!
Anyway, we were lucky enough to be gifted annual passes earlier this year and this was the first time we visited in brilliant weather. 

And we sure did have a lovely afternoon.
We didn’t even make it inside the castle because of all the outdoor activities but we’ll save that for our next visit.
This kind of place is right up my street, I love history – particularly of the medieval and royal variety.
+Leeds Castle dates from Norman times but is most famous for being a palace frequented by Henry VIII. For a long time it was a royal residence and is steeped in history everywhere you look.


The surrounding grounds are vast, stunning and perfect for picnics.

My absolute favourite moment was stumbling upon these guys in the Culpepper Garden! So cute!
A baby Peacock is called a Peachick. You are welcome.

Of course all this historical importance completely by-passed Finley who was blind sided by the Choo-choo, the ducks and the play park!

But I suppose thats what you want really in a family day out, something for everyone.
 The play park was brilliant for him, all styled as a castle fort of course.


I really appreciated the drinking fountains dotted around the kids play area. He drained his beaker twice on account of the heat and the manic running around.
You know places like this can charge extortion amounts for bottles of water – they could have had quite a few quid off me for sure but instead they provide these free fountains and I think that’s worth a mention.
PS. The toilets are also very clean!
My idle mind enjoyed this one.
Anywhooo, a lovely day was had by all – so good in fact Finley was too exhausted to walk back to the car and slept all the way home!
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