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Instagram Stories Is Ruining My Life

Oh Jesus, I’m addicted to Instagram Stories and its becoming a problem. It’s actually becoming an obsession if I’m honest, I reckon I must watch them and make them almost everyday. There’s just something great about being treated to 15 seconds of someone elses ordinary life. Something that they choose to share with you – something that is made in the moment and not usually heavily edited (although in my case is often heavily filtered…).

I like it – like I like GoggleBox, in the sense that you wouldn’t think it was going to entertain you but by God it does. I did try out SnapChat a while back but quite frankly it was far too complicated for me. Plus I found it hard to find people that I wanted to follow. I was already all set up on Instagram so as soon as they started Stories I was in my element.

To be fair I have always loved Instagram, my account has been active for over five years now from way back in the day when I was for some reason called sareyfairyl. I had 9 followers and used to post god awful photos of my cats and random flowers. I was big on the dark and blurry pictures back then, must have thought it was terribly artistic.


These days my photos are a bit better and are more likely to be accompanied by terribly witty comments and/or swear words depending on how my day has gone. I’m no Instagram extraordinaire by any means but it is such a great platform and there can be a nice community spirit to it that I haven’t yet found on Facebook or Twitter.

“I don’t know how much I love her but it’s more than a hundred!” 👦🏼👶🏼

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But this post isn’t about the photos on Instagram, its about the Stories – so who do I stalk? I mean watch. Well, it’s a lot of funny Mummy’s. A few Mummy’s who swear, a few who just tell it like it is and some who just seem to have quite interesting adventures – whether they actually mean to or not! Here are my favourite Instagram Story Mums, go check them out if you don’t know them already!

BridieByTheSea   CelesteBarber   Mayflowerblogs   Mother_Pukka   Mutha.Hood   NatashaBailie   Nomipalony   PartTimeWorkingMummy   TobyandRoo

The other thing I love about IG Stories is the feedback I get from my followers when I post them. I’ve had such an influx of messages since I started posted snippets of my life on Instagram. Particularly when I’ve been talking about some of the issues I’ve been dealing with during this pregnancy. People can be really kind and it’s been so nice when they have reached out and offered me advice or just a little message to say hello.

Anyway I’ve spent far too long writing this post and now I’ve no doubt missed a whole load of new stories. So I’m off to make a tea and waste away some of my life on social media 😉

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