I Don’t Mind That My Three Year Old Isn’t Potty Trained, So Why Do You?

Our son turned three this month and he is not potty trained. For some people, this is quite a big deal. For us, for him – it just isn’t.

Whilst he has used a potty over the last six months and been reasonably chilled about it, we have never done full on potty training with him. Why? Because we know our son, and we know whats best for him.

They say you’ll know when they’re ready. And we do, that time is now. Not a year ago, not six months ago, not at the start of the Summer, now.

I’m sure lots of children were potty trained by the time they were two years old, certainly before their third birthday. I’m sure lots of babies slept through the night from birth. I’m sure lots of children said their first word sooner than others or were walking before their first birthday.

I’m sure of all these things but I don’t care about them. I’m sure you say I’m a lazy parent but I don’t care much for that either.

I’m sure about my child and I don’t participate in that competitive parenting game, I have nothing to prove.

We are not bothered if he’s a bit behind.  We are not bothered if he’s a bit ahead.

Perhaps you think we let him run riot. Perhaps sometimes we do.

It’s the key as to why he’s so happy and loving and has such a cracking personality.

You see, we are in no rush to create anxiety or stress within him, over something so trivial as taking a shit.

I have suffered with severe anxiety, I am so mindful of his mental health, I hold it as highly as his physical health and certainly above any academic or developmental achievements.

Our goal with him is to raise a confident, kind, easy going human being.

It’s not to raise a kid, who can successfully shit in a plastic box quicker than his peers.

Life is bigger than that.

I don’t mind that my three year old isn’t potty trained, so why do you?

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