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A Hospital Bag For An Elective C-Section: This Is Not My First Rodeo

So the last time I packed a hospital bag, it was all kitted out for a perfectly serene and straight forward birthing experience. I had an overnight bag (insert eye-roll here) mostly stuffed with cotton wool, nappies and mini bottles of shampoo. My biggest concerns were “which of my nice new PJ’s should I bring?” and “what will be my baby’s going home outfit?”.  


This time around, I haven’t got time for any of that crap and my packing strategy is based soley on comfort and survival. I’m also taking a mother-effing suitcase. Yes you heard me a suitcase, one with wheels and plenty of extra zips and pockets. This folks, isn’t my first rodeo…

What I Recommend Packing In Any Hospital Bag

For You:

  • Old Nightwear/Loungewear: Yeah don’t buy yourself new PJ’s for post birth hospital comfort/ photo’s  – save your decent stuff for when you get home. Truth is a lot of you and your clothes are going to get blood/ poo/ urine and milk splattered. So don’t add insult to injury by ruining your lovely Joules or John Lewis jammies.
  • Dressing Gown: Take it so when you want to wander the corridors in search of a vending machine, you wont have to fuck about putting a bra on beforehand.
  • HUGE Fat Persons Knickers: For the love of God, do not buy those paper maternity pants – you will have suffered enough. Buy cheap, supermarket full briefs in a size bigger than you need. They will accommodate the extra padding you’ll be stuffing down there plus you wont be fussed about binning or burning them afterwards.
  • Whopping Great Sanitary Pads: To twin with your glamorous underwear choice, you are going to need a lot of pads. Last time I wasted money on buying the ones specifically labelled ‘maternity towels‘, which I recall never stuck securely to my knickers and couldn’t cope well with the flow in the first weeks. I recommend buying a variety (winged and padded) of quality night time heavy flow actual menstrual sanitary towels.
  • Clothes: Just one change of clothes for going home should do it, if you end up needing more then someone can always pick stuff up from the house as and when.
  • Breast Feeding/ Leakage Paraphernalia: Breast pads/ nursing bras/ breast pump. I’ve been sent a big box of Day and Night Pads from Ardo, along with their Gold Nipple Cream.
  • Food: Seriously take food, you have no idea how long you are going to be there. Of course they do feed you but you know – you might fancy something more along the lines of a Kit Kat or a Diet Coke post birth.
  • Entertainment: Ipads/ chargers/ books/ laptops/ music players. All perfectly legitimate things to bring along for birthing and recovering.
  • Obvious Others: Deodrant/ skin wipes/ moisturiser/ shower gel/ hair brush / hair bands/ towel/ toothbrush/ toothpaste/ eyemask and ear plugs (both very helpful if on a ward – particularly during early stages of induction).

For Baby:

  • Clothes: I’d start with three sleepsuits and three vests, other people can always get more for you from home if needed. Trouble is – what bloody size though. It’s hard to know isn’t it? Finley was predicted to be a right chubber in a scan four weeks before his birth but ended up weighing just shy of 7lbs. This time I’m going to take newborn stuff with me (5-9lbs) as opposed to up to 0-3 months. Also a little hat for the little head.
  • Nappies:  Last time I neatly packed about 25 nappies into my bag, this time I’m just going to sling an unopened pack of 70 nappies over my shoulder. I haven’t forgotten how many nappies newborns go through a day and any you don’t use can just come home with you.
  • Baby Wipes: Sod the cotton wool it’s a pain in the arse, you need baby wipes. You can buy the sensitive ones or the water ones.
  • Muslin Squares: For the milk voms.

What I Recommend Packing Especially For A C-Section Birth

  • V Cushion – you need one of these and for when you get home as well
  • Cushion for the car journey home- to stop the seat belt strap rubbing
  • Dry Shampoo

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  1. Yes yes yes! Totally agree with you on all of these points. I would have added ‘lightweight’ to the dressing gown, you definitely want one but my ward was hotter than the earth’s core

  2. hehehe! I took so much when I had my first….2nd time around was so much easier and there was a lot less!
    Yep! I totally agree with the huge knickers and sanitary pads. Maternity pants & pads are useless! x

  3. Really useful esp as I am due imminently – thank you x

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