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Our Top Holiday Moments

Although we are now well into the thick of the Summer Holiday season (Summer? What Summer?…), we’ve actually already had our holidays for this year. We went away twice in Spring, once in April to Bluestone in Wales and again in May to Centre Parcs Longleat. This was part by design and part by coincidence but whilst I love a Summer holiday, I am actually glad to not be going away this month because I am so very pregnant!

General everyday, just life tasks are becoming a bit of a struggle so the thought of having to pack suitcases and organise our family for a holiday right now would not be ideal. That doesn’t mean that I can’t reminisce about the great holiday moments we have had and will have as a family of four in the future though!

Truprint have asked me what my Top Family Holiday Moments are and I’ve picked out a few that whilst may not be entirely glamorous – are full of memories and precious moments!

1. Wales, May 2013

Definitely not a great quality photo I know! But I just love this picture because it was a fun holiday with my family and I was 26 weeks pregnant with Finley. I also really loved that maternity t shirt – I have no idea what happened to it!

2. Wales, May 2013

This photo is from the same holiday and no I’m not actually in it! This is a picture of my husband, brother in law, sister, Dad and the family dog just before they left to climb Snowdon. The reason I like this photo is because I was pregnant at the time I excused myself from this activity and thank god I did and it took them all day to do it and they all came back exhausted and sunburnt!

3. Norfolk, June 2014

This photo is from Finley’s very first holiday when he was ten months old. We had a lovely time away with Adam’s family and he was just learning to walk. Such a chubby cutie!

4. Centre Parcs, Woburn May 2016

Again – not a great photo and taken with a selfie stick as well! But I love this one because it was a great holiday away with my family to celebrate my sisters wedding and my Dad’s 60th Birthday.

5. Centre Parcs, Woburn May 2016

The same holiday but I just really love this photo of Adam and Finley. He spent a fair amount of time of Adam’s shoulders that holiday because of all the walking we had to do!

6. Bluestone, Wales April 2017

We had a great time at Bluestone this year and you can read all about it and watch our video here. Finley was obsessed with this Dragon, we had to walk past it everyday!

7.  Centre Parcs, Longleat May 2017

When deer attack… #handflathandflat

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This one is actually a video but I had to sneak it in! It’s our ‘experience’ of feeding deer at Longleat whilst on holiday with Adam’s family in May this year. It’s just hilarious and mildly terrifying all at the same time!

I love that I have been using Instagram for so long now that I can go back and revisit all these memories! What are your favourite holiday moments?

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