Happy Fuck It Fri-ayyy

‘Mummmmy …. Daddddy!’
‘Commme On….’
‘It’s Fri – ayyy’
‘Commme On….’
‘Commme On Now!’
Fri – ayyy  Fri – ayyy’

This is what we woke up to at 5.30am last Friday morning. If it had not been “Fri-ayyy”, I would have said a completely different F word under my breath. I would have rolled over and told my husband to ‘ignore him’ and prayed to every God I’d ever heard of, “please just this once make him go back to sleep”.

But because it was Friday, I laughed.
I laughed and my husband laughed and got up and bought him in for a cuddle. Because who can resist an enthusiastic, life affirming toddler on a Friday morning? Not us that’s for sure. The cuddle didn’t really work out (does it ever?), the constant wriggling and sticky feet jabs to the ribs soon put pay to that idea and by 6am we we were all watching Peter Rabbit and sipping warmed milk and tea.

‘Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit…! Something something… Run for your life!’ As he bounces up and down at the foot of the bed.

Kiddo loves Fridays because his favourite friends are at nursery on that day. He loves it because on Friday nights Daddy picks him up and on the way home they go to ‘their shop’ and buy sweeties. He loves it because his bath time is longer, his stories more enthusiastic. Most Friday evenings he gets to do his dancing too. He bloody loves to dance. His favourites are Madness: One Step Beyond or ‘that booby-ong’ which is Finley speak for Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’. There are no boobies in that video by the way, his reference stems from our parental debate, mistakenly in his presence as to whether it was appropriate for him to watch. My husband questioned it (toddler was mimicking the gyrating at the time), I said it was fine as there wasn’t any nudity – not a booby in sight.
We remain divided on this.

See? No boobies.

I love Fridays because I don’t have to dress smart for work and I finish at half past four. This gives me a two hour window before the boys get home, to do whatever I like. Mostly I spend it food shopping or getting a head start on the washing for the weekend, sometimes I just go home and watch re-runs of Girls. I generally say fuck it to everything and buy whatever lunch I want, plan nothing for dinner so we end up getting a take away and always, always have several glasses of wine.

So Happy Fuck It Fri-ayyy people. Whether you’re going out, staying in, eating pizza, drinking beer or dancing around in just a nappy. May your Friday be everything you’ve been dreaming about since Monday morning.

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