Goodbye Little Nursery

 oday is Finley’s last day at little nursery because next week he’s moving up to the Toddler Unit.

And to be honest this really sucks because the toddler unit is across the other side of the village, so to him it’s like a whole new nursery in a whole new place. It also means that he won’t be with my sister anymore and I have to fully trust the care of my baby to people I don’t really know.
I’m finding this transition difficult and Finley is finding it fucking horrendous. I know this because he throws a shit fit every time he steps foot in the place.

Well he doesn’t actually set foot there at all because he’s already sprung half way up my leg like a spider monkey, sobbing “no,no, ‘uddle Mummy, ‘uddle Mummy”.

Seriously, he had his Transition Visits stepped up a notch because he couldn’t deal. He’s just like his mother – we don’t like change.

Now despite the fact I feel like a crappy Mum and the guilt of his sobbing makes me wobble sometimes, I do know this change is the right thing.

I know because I have the benefit of logical reasoning. I can reason that he has outgrown the Baby Unit, he is too big, too active and too curious. I can appease myself with the fact that all his friends are already there waiting for him, as they have all been moving up over the Summer.
I also know that the Toddler Unit and the girls working there are lovely and are not actually going to eat him alive!


Last Summers Nursery Report

But he does not know this. He does not know. He cannot reason and weigh this up inside his brain. I can tell him a hundred times that they have tractors in the garden, play-doh in the kitchen and a cute little story corner but those girls could have fairies flying out of their arses and he would still hate it.


So I am resigned to the fact that all we can do is make it easier for him. We can up his transition visits, we can talk to him about Big Nursery, we can give him extra cake and extra cuddles. We can tell him that we’ll miss him too and we’ll be back to get him later and in a few weeks it will all blow over and he’ll love this nursery as much as he loves his baby one.
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