As you may have realised by now, I do love a good old rant. Writing my own or reading other peoples, it great to release some steam and show your passion for something. So I’ve  decided to start a guest post series to encourage my fellow bloggers to get up on their soap box and share their thoughts, opinions and uncontrollable outbursts!

It could be about pregnancy or parenting or a cause close to your heart. Perhaps there is something going on in the media that’s really getting on your tits and you’d like to shout about it.

Its basically all about having a voice or opinion on something and sharing it with the gang.

If you’d like to get up on your soap box and guest post on Admissions Of A Working Mother, drop me an email with your idea and any questions!

Post Guidance:

  • 800-1500 words
  • New and specifically written for the series – although you can subsequently post on your own blog (I seriously hate it when you write a guest post and the host tries to tell you that you can’t put your own content on your own bloody site!)
  • Feel free to use horrendous language
  • I’ll link your blog
  • One featured image needed
  • Both parties promote on social media
  • You don’t have to be a girl to write a Girl Gang Guest Post, all ranters are welcome!