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First Impressions


They always say you shouldn’t judge people on your first impressions but in reality it tends to be something that you can’t help doing. It’s kind of like a knee-jerk reaction, an aversion to an offensive smell or the way you feel about Jon Snow. It’s not your fault he’s so pretty…

Obviously first impressions can and should be changed. People are not always what they seem, for better or for worse. We tend to formulate these initial impressions based on the way someone presents themselves to us. Whether this be with their clothes or hairstyle or their attitude or the way they speak. Trouble is you could easily get the wrong impression of someone based on a bad five minutes.

If you judge people on the way they look, you’d get a very different first impression of me depending on the day of the week. If you met me on a work day, you’d be impressed. I tend to wear a smart-ish dress or trousers and a blouse. My clothes are ironed, my hair is tied back. Before I became too pregnant (and a hazard unto myself) I wore heels. I’ll be wearing make up and quite often I’ll have a nice little handbag with my bits and bobs inside. I’ll most likely be in a pleasant mood, because my work days are pretty chilled and I get to listen to my songs on the radio on my drive in. Your first impression will most likely be that I am smart, organised, approachable.

If you meet me on a non-work day, your first impression may be slightly different. Most likely I’ll be running late to take my son to Pre-school. I’ll have wet hair and not had time to put on make up. My face will be slightly red because I would have spent the last ten minutes throwing my lounge around, trying to find my door keys. Which incidentally were in the fridge or the fireplace or being fed to a Dinosaur – because you know, LIFE.  I’ll be wearing leggings and an old T-shirt, pregnant or not. I’m either heading back to clean or work on the laptop or do a food shop and leggings are the closest thing socially acceptable to pyjamas. Your first impression will most likely be that I am a whirlwind of destruction, a madwoman who just got out of bed, dunked her head in a bucket and frog marched her kid to pre-school.

The real truth is, I’m somewhere between these two versions but if I only get the chance to give you a first impression – I hope I meet you on a work day and I bet you do too!

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*This post was written in collaboration with Furniture At Work*

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