The Motherhood

Thank God You’re Too Young

In life, horrible things happen. They could happen to you, around you, nowhere bloody near you. They might happen to the people you love, to that person you kinda used to know. They could happen in your street or in your country. They might happen where you once had an amazing holiday or when you are out Christmas shopping. There are bad people, and they do bad things. You will not find the good everywhere you look. People die everyday, people kill other people everyday.

These are the facts, the facts about what happened this week.

But because you are three, I didn’t have to say anything like this to you. Thank God, you are too young and I didn’t have to say this to you. You don’t go to school, you didn’t attend any solemn assemblies or minute silences. You didn’t ask me what a terrorist was. You didn’t ask me about bombs. No one said a word to you and I could just turn the TV off. Daddy and I didn’t discuss it until you went to bed. I simply brushed off that woman who tried to talk to me about it in the Post Office. Just like that.

I got to cop out and I’m grateful for that.

For you, the bad things are still being told off, being denied an ice cream or having to sit in the car for longer than ten minutes.

The scary things are still bears and dragons, the dreams you shout out about in the night.

They say that ignorance is bliss and they are right. You don’t know about the eight year girl that died. You don’t know that could be you, or your friend. You don’t know that you could go somewhere and be blown up or be driven into or stabbed in the neck. You weren’t worried when we walked over Westminster Bridge in April. You didn’t notice the flowers, you didn’t flinch at the crowds.

You are too young and that’s a good place to be. You’ve got something about you now, you are a person in your own right but you are still entirely innocent. You are blissfully ignorant and naïve, I’d like to keep you this way forever. But of course I can’t, inevitably you will find out. Your sky will come crashing down, you will ask me these questions and I will have to answer.

They say find the good. Look for the good, in all that bad.

You are all of my good.

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