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Are Cruises Meant For Families?

I’ve been on quite a few different types of holiday in my time. Self catering, holiday parks, city breaks, camping but never on a cruise. At first I thought it might not be ideal for young children, as cruises can be styled more for couples, with fancy evening meals and cabaret entertainment. But the more I think about it, the more I think that certain cruises are a great idea for families. After all, everything is all in one place – the ship! From early evening shows, swimming, treasure hunts to soft play areas and discos. There’s plenty for kids of all ages to have a great holiday.

The other great aspect of a cruise is of course, stepping off the ship and seeing the sights. Many cruises will take you to different cities and you can see amazing places all over the World. I think it’s a great way to take your children travelling without the hassle of carting them around from country to country.

I’ve been checking out Larry Lamb’s recent adventures with Thomson Cruises.  I’ve always liked him – especially from Gavin and Stacey! He was asked to meet with an eclectic mix of locals on a recent Mediterranean cruise and traveled to Palma, Barcelona and Ibiza. He was challenged to prove the point that Brits can and do enjoy their holidays more when they mix and interact with people from different cultures.  I actually agree with this, the more you involve and immerse yourself in a different place, different food, music and so on – the better your experience! I love finding out about the history of a new city and great places to eat out.

You can check out his visit to Palma here, a great city for sport and cycling.


*this post was written in collaboration with Thomson Cruises*

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