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It’s Been Oh So Quiet…

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog the last few months hasn’t it? A few posts here and there, not a lot going on.  Well at least that’s how it might seem, except there has been a lot going on. I haven’t been able to write as much as I hoped so far this year, I’ve been finding it hard to focus and stay awake past seven o’clock. But there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. Most of it has sadly involved me vomiting and wetting myself and none of that has really been that quiet at all…

Despite that though, we are very excited to tell you that we are expecting our second baby later on this year!

In Finley’s words we just don’t know if it’s a she or a boy but his name of choice is Tutu

In my Dad’s words  that’s great news, now you can clear all your baby crap out of my loft

All standard second baby responses.

Anyway, all is good in the hood apart from the sickness and the exhaustion and the excessive consumption of those tiny little pickled onions.

I’m now 14 weeks and I think I’ve just started to turn a corner. I had two days in a row without being sick this week – quite possibly the best two days of my life, certainly topped my wedding day. That’s the longest it’s been since the 7 week mark. I even started to convince myself that it was all over, but of course it returned with a vengeance on the third morning. What a bitch. Still a little break was nice!

I’ve coped a lot better with the vomiting this time around but the tiredness has really crippled me. For the best part of two months I’ve been going to bed at the same time as Finley, around 7.30pm. Sometimes even earlier. I can’t figure out if I am actually more tired with this pregnancy or if it’s the circumstances that have made it harder.

With Finley, I worked full time throughout. I remember feeling tired but not to this scale. This time I’m only working part time, so you’d think it would be easier? But I suppose combining that with washing and cleaning and looking after a three year old means you don’t really get to switch off. Ever.  At least with your first pregnancy, once your day at work is done – you are done and can just rest and put your feet up.

Plus of course I am four years older this time around, I’m not 26 anymore! I don’t feel older in myself but my body is, that’s a fact from which I cannot escape. No matter how many youthful glow face packs I slap all over my chops.

So, thank you for all the lovely messages and I promise to regale you with further tales of me peeing my pants and throwing up in the High Street soon. Get excited.

Also does anyone know how long does it take for the enamel on your teeth to grown back?


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