Clean Eating Review With Everdine

Now that I can actually start eating again, following literally months of ‘morning’ sickness and generally feeling wretched. I am consciously trying to eat more healthily and balanced, instead of just any food that I think my body will tolerate. Over the last few months, my diet has consisted mostly of bread sticks, diet lemonade and very, very small portions. I have actually lost a fair bit of weight over the last few months and I am now just beginning to enjoy eating again.

This was why when I was invited to sample a trial box from Everdine, I jumped at the chance. Everdine is a door to door meal subscription service, that is focused on clean eating.

The interesting thing I found about Everdine was that all their meals are pre-made and frozen. That means no cooking, no hassle and all the meals are heated in the microwave. Generally speaking ready-meals tend to be unhealthy and packed with salt and sugar, however Everdine’s are the opposite. All their ingredients are to a high standard and all the meals are jammed pack with veggies.

The menu that we chose consisted of eight meals and our favourites were the Chilli Con Carne with Brown Rice and Smoky Chicken Fajitas. I also had a Tandoori Salmon dish that I absolutely loved.

For us there was no question that the meals tasted great, were convenient and healthy. I suppose the question is, is it worth it? The best deal on meal plans is to go for 12 at £76.80, which works out at £6.40 a dinner for each person.

In all honesty, that far exceeds our weekly budget for food shopping and this is something we would not be able to afford. We usually allow around £75 for our entire weeks shop which includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners for us and our three year old. It also includes sundry items like toiletries and cat food.

However what I would say is that ignoring our personal budget and just judging the food based on the quality and taste versus the price, it is competitive. After all this isn’t a subscription based on cheap eating, it’s a subscription based on healthy eating with high quality ingredients.

What you can do however is try Everdine for yourself at a discounted price using this link. They are offering £25.20 off your first delivery, which greatly reduces the per meal price.


*our trial box from Everdine was sent to us FOC in exchange for my honest review, I do not receive any commissions or benefits from the use of the discount link listed above*

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