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Don’t Let Blogging Awards Turn You Into A Dick

A lot of people in the blogging community are getting their knickers in a knot at the moment. It’s because we have entered ‘Awards Season’ and everyone’s feeling a tad vulnerable and scratching with self doubt. It’s kind of a really nice / really crappy time depending on who you are, where you are sitting and how you view that cup in your hand.

If you didn’t get nominated and you really wanted to, you’ll be asking yourself why:

Why aren’t I good enough? Why don’t they like me?

Should I change my style? Should I change my blog to be more like so and so? What is wrong with me?

And if you did get nominated you’ll most likely be asking yourself :

How will I live up to this? What if I don’t win? What if I do win? What the bastard hell am I going to write next?

Am I as good as the other people in my category? Why are people suddenly turning on me because I’ve been nominated?

It’s pretty much a self doubt shitter all the way folks.

Unless you win of course. If you win one you should forever bask in the sweaty afterglow of your pre-podium heart palpitations/ post-podium Prosecco  bender and Lord that shit up till your dying day!

Not that I would know, I’ve never won one or been nominated – even though I think my blog is rather fabulous.

Yes you heard me. I think my blog is awesome. I don’t think it’s ‘alright’ or ‘good’. I think it’s great and I love it.

You, of course may not. You of course may be reading this rolling your eyes thinking

“Really love? Cos your writing is crap and your sidebar is a mess and quite frankly I’ve never even heard of you before. I just clicked on this link to see if you were slagging anyone off or knew some gossip about the nominees that I didn’t.”

Yeah I see you, and that’s ok.

But yes, I am indeed delirious over my perceived success of this blog. This blog / social media/ kinda brand thingy that I have single handily created from thin air. This thing, that isn’t even a physical thing – that has taught me computer crap I never knew existed. That has taken me and my family places and earnt me money. This thing that helps me organise my thoughts and be in touch with like minded people.

And that’s what everyone should remember, whether they get picked for this stuff or not.

Do YOU love it? Does it make YOU happy?

Now obviously I can’t lie, I would come in my pants if I was ever nominated for an award. Everyone wants a lollipop don’t they? But here’s the butt fucker folks…

In blogging as in life, there will always be someone better than you. There will always be someone who can do it better. Who is smarter or funnier or prettier or more of whatever you want to be. That’s just the way it is and it’s all very subjective. It’s all a matter of opinion and timing and circumstance and the way the wind happens to be blowing.

And so it is perfectly normal is to have a brief relapse of self doubt and self reflection in response to all this. It’s totally mentally tangible to pour yourself a large glass of wine, ask your cat ‘But Why Not Me?’ and watch the Lion King.

But what isn’t normal, is to be a dick about it all.

You might not think someone is deserving. You might not think someone is good enough. You might not like their work or even like them as a person. But guess what? Yours is just an opinion. An opinion in a sea of opinions, and the tide clearly went the other way on this one.

So don’t be a sore loser. Don’t start speculating out loud how someone “managed it” or how they must have “begged” for votes. It’s not ok to start suggesting people cheated or must “know people” to have got ahead. Trying to drag people down, when it’s their turn for five minutes in the sunshine will just make you look like a twat my friend.

So suck it up, dust it off – buy yourself a box of Maltesters and stop behaving like a dick.

It’s all just a bit of fun.

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  1. So very true.
    I kind of switch off to these now and scroll past the endless social media posts until voting closes.
    It gets a bit samey and too much

  2. Love this I feel exactly the same it really can reveal the nasty side but after several years of these awards I take it all with a pinch of salt. Great post!

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