C-Section Bashing

Ok so I read this article recently and well, it kind of pissed me off.

Here’s the link if you want to read it and obtain a more articulate overview but allow me to give you a brief outline.
It’s basically a piece about a study carried out in Canada comparing the spatial attention of babies born vaginally to those delivered by Caesarean section.
In a nutshell the study was carried out on 36, three- month old babies who had some stuff waved about in front of them. If their eyes followed the object, that meant their attention had been caught and everything was hunky dory. If their eyes didn’t follow the object, it was deemed that their spatial attention was slowed.
The results of the study found that babies delivered via C-section were more likely to fall into the latter category.

At this juncture I think I should mention that I had a caesarean, but I am not particularly a c-section advocate.
I’m a ‘get that baby and yourself out alive and healthy’ advocate.
I don’t mind how you did it or how you plan to do it. That’s you man, you do you.
But what I do care about is Mummy Bashing and the reason I’ve got my knickers in a knot is not with the study, it is with the article.
The way this piece is written and presented is well, utter crap. The amount of poetic licence used to turn this study into something worth writing about is laughable. It is sensationalism like this that contributes to the stigma surrounding caesareans and reinforces negative and quite frankly nasty opinions about it.

The writer has taken the findings of a study based on just thirty six babies – 36! And on a massive news site with vast numbers of readers has banged out statements like :

“Having a baby via Caesarean section can affect a child’s brain development”

“C-section can affect at least one form of a baby’s ability to concentrate”

When actually the study concluded that they had no clue if these effects would continue throughout a lifetime. It was just a finding in some of those 36 at the age of 3 months.

Now what gets my goat is there will be women out there reading that article who have just very recently had a c-section or might be about to face one. Perhaps it was their choice, perhaps it was recommended for medical reasons or perhaps like with me it was completely unexpected and unplanned and they are still reeling from the shock of it all.
These women don’t need bullshit articles like this, putting worry in their minds that their baby will be less intelligent, less able – as a direct result of a caesarean operation.
These women want to get on with loving and raising their child and not being made to feel worry and guilt about the way said child was bought into the world.

I am also bemused by the ending of the article

“Officials said the procedure should only be carried out when medically necessary as it can lead to infections or even death”


What a lovely little parting shot, eh? Well thanks for that mate, cheers for letting me know and don’t worry about providing any further information – or heaven forbid point me in the direction of advice if I have concerns.


So in an attempt to counter act this articles negative C-Section vibe, here’s some positive Ceasarean related information I’m going to chuck out into the internet.
  • its a quicker procedure than you think – mine was all done and dusted within the hour
  • the scar fades quickly -two years later mine is barely visible
  • if its planned you’ll know the day of your baby’s birthday in advance
  • they give you some pretty awesome drugs – during and after!
Also heres a link to two really informative sites on c-sections…

Recovering after a C-Section

Join me in counter acting Mummy Bashing and tell me some positive things about your birth experience! Comment, link and share x

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