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Why You Can’t Beat A British Summer Holiday

I’m a big advocate for British Summer Holidays and always have been. It might not seem very adventurous on the surface but in reality it’s probably the best fun you can have with your clothes on. Every family is different, some jump on planes and fly around the World, staying in hotels and soaking up the sun on foreign beaches. Some like us, are more of a pack your welly boots, cheese sandwich and hop in the car kind of crew.

I’m a creature of habit and holidaying in Britain is what I grew up doing as a child. We rarely went abroad and instead had several home based holidays each year, travelling all over the British Isles from Cornwall to Scotland. Back in the 90s, holiday parks were big business and most of our childhood holidays were spent in caravans and plasterboard chalets. It might not sound very glamorous now but my sister and I have the best holiday memories. Sleeping in those weird caravan its-a-table-but-also-a-bed beds, going to those ‘entertainment’ shows and drinking cherry coke until our tongues turned black. We saw so much of the country we live in, from castles, to beaches and theme parks and museums. For me, it really fueled an interest in British history that I still have today.

These days with my own family, we are yet to take a holiday outside of the UK. It’s something we plan to do in the future when our children are older but certainly not while they are very young. The main reason being that I’d rather be sent to hell in a handbasket than get on an airplane with my lunatic son before his seventh birthday. I literally cannot think of anything worse than being trapped in a confined space with him, for upteem hours at  the mercy of 200 hundred other peoples tolerance levels. The other reason is that in my experience, young kids do not cope well with heat. I equally do not want to trapped with a young baby on a blistering beach or in a pokey air conditioned hotel room during the middle of the day at the height of the Greek tourist season.

Neither of those scenarios are my idea of a relaxing holiday!

This year we’ve been lucky enough to have two holidays already, both UK based self catering. This style of holiday, a home from home is certainly my favourite. Where you can come and go as you please, have your wine chilling in the fridge but also have the options of activities and entertainment on site. However one thing I’d like to try, perhaps next year is camping.

Camping in tents overnight, is something I’ve only ever done with school or off my face drunk at a festival. But I think as a family with young children, it could be quite an adventure. I like the idea of putting up your own tent, building a camp fire and cooking your tea. It would also be fun to move around a few campsites and try different destinations. I know our wild, outdoorsy boy would love it – sleeping outside and peeing in the bushes! Plus you can’t beat a toasted marshmallow right?

I’ve been checking out the Halfords online camping guide, which has some great tips and suggestions. There’s a map of recommended camp sites, all with nearby tourist attractions such as Stonehenge and Battle Abbey. There is also a really handy camping checklist, ideal for a novice like me who would definitely forget to bring a torch – although I’d never forget vital items such as a corkscrew!

It’s something we will definitely consider doing next year, when I am not so pregnant of course!


*this post was written in collaboration with Halfords, but all opinions expressed are my own*

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