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The British Baby Box

Last week a very large package arrived, it had a big picture of a cartoon newborn on the front and Finley pronounced “it’s a parcel for my baby!“.

He was right.

The large box, contained another box which was covered in stars and was in fact – more than just a box, it was a baby box…

The idea of the baby box actually started in Finland, as a helpful starter kit for new parents from their Government. They wanted to give their babies the best possible start in life, so provided them with a starter kit of clothes, toys, information and a safe place to sleep. The safe place to sleep was the baby box itself and has helped Finland achieve one of the World’s lowest infant mortality rates. Nicola Sturgeon ran a pilot scheme in Scotland last year and very soon every Scottish newborn will be receiving their version too.

The concept has become so popular that even those who aren’t entitled to a Government Baby Box are intrigued by its design and reputation.

So the brains behind British Baby Box, Susan Purse and Sarah Simons being Mothers themselves took the idea and developed it into a unique new baby gift. The boxes are designed to keep newborn babies safe as they sleep, complete with mattress, waterproof cover and 100% cotton fitted sheet. The box is big enough to safely sleep babies up to 8 months old and the lid can be used as a changing mat.

In addition they have partnered with some other great brands so you can gift the new parents in your life a truly unique present. Along with a safe place to sleep, the gift boxes can include sleepsuits, bibs and mittens all made from 100% organic cotton. You can upgrade to the luxury box (which would be an ideal group gift, perhaps from a workplace) to include items like sleeping bags, scented candles and muslin squares.

Do we love it?

Yeah we do! Finley loved it because he could fit inside and muck about playing hide and seek (that’s how big the box is – an almost four year old can fit)! I loved it because it promotes safe sleeping and is just a really simple, straight forward idea. There are no dangling zoo animals or squeaky flowers, it’s calm and clean and tranquil.

I will be keeping our box stored away for the next ten weeks until our new baby arrives, then it will be used as a sleep station in the living room. Either for daytime naps, or middle of the night marathons!

Do you know what’s also great about this company?

They have been sending out boxes to parents and their babies directly effected by the Grenfell Tower fire. They worked seeking donations of nappies and essential items to fill their boxes and sent out a bunch to British families who really needed them. They have also worked with Save The Children to send boxes out to children in war torn Syria.


*this post was written in collaboration with British Baby Box, in exchange for our honest review*

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