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When I Say I’m Working On My Blog, I Am Actually Working (And Earning)

When I say I’m working on my blog, I am actually working – like you know sitting at a computer and doing stuff. This is not just a hobby, where I sit around and talk about myself for my own amusement. I’m not titting about on Facebook or posting photos on Instagram for attention. Everything I do has a purpose, everything I do has a meaning.

When I say I am writing, I am writing.  I don’t sit around watching television or take a nap. I sit down, buckle up and work. I might be writing something about my pregnancy or about being a parent. This takes time and effort, stringing words together to make a sentence, to get your point across. Some days it comes easier than others, some days it’s a bloody struggle.

I probably have a deadline and that’s an actual thing so don’t scoff. Like in a “real life” job  and I have one of those too by the way, whilst I’m doing all this. Most weeks I’ve been asked by a brand or website to write content for them or promote one of their products. They will pay me in “real life” money or perhaps they have sent me one of their products.  Products that are worth my time.

Just because I am coy about how much I may or may not earn and achieve through this blog doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just because I don’t brag about the places we have been sent, doesn’t mean we don’t go. It doesn’t mean that all the work I do, that you view as silly  isn’t worth it.

I’m not the type to talk to people about money. I hate conversations about money, I actually quite hate money itself, it’s a constant source of stress and worry. I’ve never enjoyed being party to conversations about what people earn or how much their house is worth or their car or how much their poor old Grandma gave them for Christmas. I walk away from these conversations, I nod and smile and contribute nothing. So I’m not going to tell you how much money I make through this blog, just like I wouldn’t tell you how much money I earn in my “real life” job.  But for the purpose of this post, because this is a rant post and I am here to prove a point, I will tell you this.

*The point being btw that I am not titting about on social media every five minutes, I am actually making money from all this.*

Last month I earnt enough money through this blog (and its extremities) to pay for :

  • The hall hire for my sons birthday party
  • The freaking ridiculous pirate bouncy castle he wants
  • One months worth of council tax
  • One weeks food shop for our family of 3
  • One tank of petrol
  • And one bloody lovely tub of Peanut Butter Cup Ben&Jerrys which I ate all to myself over the course of a single weekend

In addition to this I also received a household appliance worth around £400.

So I’m sorry if that all makes me sound like a bit of dick but there we have it. I worked really fucking hard last month and I deserved it. I worked two jobs, kept my house reasonably tidy, looked after my son and oh I’m seven months pregnant.

But I’ll tell you – hand on my heart, the get isn’t always that good.  I’ve not earnt anywhere near that much this month. Of course we’re only half way through, I still have time but nothing is ever guaranteed. Some things just randomly fall in your lap, most things don’t. It’s a constant hustle trying to make yourself relevant and reminding people that you are there. It’s not yet something I can rely on. But because I love it, that’s where I’m trying to get to. It’s all about building, nothing happens overnight.

This is something that in two years I’ve been able to streamline down into a little side job, a worthwhile money earner on the side of my day job. I’d say in an average week I spend about 15 hours working on my blog. Couple that with my actual job, which is 22.5 hours a week. I’m pretty much working full time hours and that doesn’t even include childcare and housework.

And here’s the thing: I’m not even that good.

I mean I’m not even that ‘big’, I’m not even working to my maximum capacity. I’ve hardly refined myself or branded myself. I’m a tiny little fish, snatching up the crumbs being dropped from above. I’m in a pond with women, very inspiring women who earn thousands from this on a consistent basis. They have made careers from this, I’m just skimming around the edges, dipping in my toes.

So the way I see it, if in just under two years working at half measures I can do this much. How much can I do in four? What can I build in four? What could I do if I had more time?

Well for one thing, I can start congratulating myself – for creating something worthwhile out of nothing. I can start saying “look what I did!” and stop acting like it’s all a bit embarrassing. I can stop apologising for having my phone out or taking a picture.

I can stop paying lip service to people who are jealous, because it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make a difference to me. That’s their problem, not mine.

I’m having a great time.

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  1. Yes yes! I’m so fed up of explaining myself to other people who just don’t get it & think I’m just playing around on social media. They have no idea the time it takes to build a blog, write, edit pictures, find an answer when my blog is down because I tinkered with my theme too much! Fab post as always xx

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