An Update On Modern Day Sexism – Courtesy Of The Olympics

I popped this on Facebook this morning, it was something that occurred to me on my drive into work. I’d just watched that ten minute round up they do on the Iplayer of the previous days Olympic highlights. I’m not really, majorly into it but I like the swimming, diving, athletics and gymnastics. They’re pretty straight forward, for armchair spectators – I’m quite the expert on pikes and tucks and vaulting these days, don’t cha know?


Anyway I got quite a response, it would appear a lot of people agree with me. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and they love each other bla bla bla. But what this meant was that this woman, a PROFESSIONAL athlete, who had just won a silver medal in the freaking Olympics had all that completely eclipsed by the supposed love of her life and consequently became known as the ‘Chinese diver whose boyfriend ask her to marry him at the Olympics’.

Imagine if we reversed these roles and she’d gone running up there to propose to him, pissing all over his victory parade. Well we’d all be saying ‘what an attention seeking whore!’ – wouldn’t we?

But its ok, because he’s a bloke and its romantic as fuck and the medal is irrelevant because now she’ll be getting married and live happily ever after.

There’s been some more pretty fabulous sexism on display courtesy of the Olympics. Mostly coming from commentators, who can just say whatever they like it would seem.

I picked out some really good ones for you.

Just in case you were under the impression that sexism isn’t an issue anymore.

“This girl is doing respectable times for guys,”    “Her stroke is like a man’s stroke. I mean that in a positive way. She swims like a man.” – Ryan Lochte (Olympic medalist) discussing Katie Ledecky (whose just won four gold medals)

“I think she might even go higher than some of the men.” – NBC Commentator discussing gymnast Simone Biles (three gold medals)

It is after all difficult for us to comprehend these achievements, unless we take out our a male measurement comparision stick and determine how these ladies stack up against it.

Next we could discuss the volley ball outfits. But lets not, that shit writes itself.

My absolute favourite though comes from the host nation and their very own Gisele Bundchen, world famous supermodel. Who appeared in what was described as “the sexiest Olympic opening ceremony ever”.

Of which, some moron stated  “This is Brazil, after all, where the female body is celebrated like no other place on Earth.”

Brazil – ladies and gentlemen, a country where a quick Google will tell you that 10-15 women die a day as a result of domestic violence. And Rio, a capital where women are regularly gang raped.


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