Surviving Newborn Nights With Amazon Audible


Way back when in the BC (before-children) I used to read obsessively. If I had hold of a great book, it would be finished by the end of the week. I would read in the bath, in bed and on my lunch break. Since having children however, I just don’t have the time. I also don’t have the brain capacity to read for longer than ten minutes and not fall asleep! But I really missed books and in the later stages of my pregnancy this Summer I discovered Amazon Audible.

Initially, I signed up for their free trial because I wasn’t sure how I would get on with it. After all, I haven’t had someone read me a story since I was little! I thought it could be a bit weird, hard to get into and perhaps the way the person was reading would put me off.

Lazy Reading

However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Audiobooks are the perfect way to read a book, without having to actually read it. You don’t have to put in any effort what so ever, you select your book, plug in and someone else does all the hard work for you! Over the course of the Summer, which was my third trimester of pregnancy I signed up for a monthly subscription and listened to several. I had no energy to do anything by the end of the day and it was great to have something to enjoy whilst I could just rest.  I caught up on Philippa Gregory’s Cousins War series and her new novel The Last Tudor. I used to read this authors books all the time and loved them.

So when I was asked by Mumsnet to review an audiobook from their library, it really was a no brainer because I was already such a fan!

Breastfeeding at 3am

The book I chose to review was the recently released Parenting the Sh*t out of Life from Mother Pukka. I really wanted to read this book and was going to ask for it for my birthday when it was released in September. However, with a baby due the same month I knew I didn’t have a hope it hell of reading a text message, let alone a whole book. I was really happy to see it was available on Amazon Audible and narrated by Anna and Matt themselves. Honestly, it is the funniest and the sweetest book. It kept me company whilst I was up feeding at all hours during those first newborn weeks. It made me laugh and cry and saved my sanity. If you have young kids or are about to have them – you absolutely have to read or download this book.

Worth It?

The subscription I chose was the 90 day free trial  (I basically got one book a month for free, for three months). Then I signed up to get one credit  (for one book) a month at a cost of £7.99. The more credits you sign up for, the less the individual credit rate becomes but I knew I could only really manage one book a month so I went for this option. Having a subscription is totally worth it because a credit costs you less than buying the audio book as a one off (and often the physical copy as well). Their library is vast and the App will also recommend other books of interest based on your previous purchases.

Too Much Faffing About?

The Audible App is easy to use and I have it installed on my phone. You purchase your audio book on your laptop or tablet and then it will automatically download to your device. You can pause or rewind your book with one tap. It also has a handy sleep-timer feature, so you can set the reading to stop after a certain time interval in case you fall asleep. The books also remain once you have finished them, so you can go back and listen again in the future. I am now officially converted to audio books for life and may never actually read a book again!


Disclaimer: “I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have
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