Hello I’m Sarah. Mum, wife, worker, cat lover. Socially awkward, cake eater. Fan of bad language and TV Box Sets.

I live in Kent, with my husband, two children (boy 4 years / girl 7 months) and our three cats.

Originally this blog was called ‘Admissions Of A Working Mother’ (AWM) but I changed its name in January 2017 to Mum OverRun.

I started AWM in late 2015 when I was a full time working mother of one. I had a lot to talk about on the working parent topic back then, more so than I do now. I had experienced sexual and maternal discrimination in the work place. I was running from here to there dropping off and picking up. Grabbing ready meals to cram down our necks before a fit full six hours sleep and then getting up and doing it all again. I was thoroughly exhausted, stressed out and strung out on child care costs.

Two years on, things are a little different. My life and outlook have changed. I’m still thoroughly exhausted, I’m now a Mum to two. But I’ve been working part time and am currently on maternity leave. I feel like I want to write more about the day to day of family life. I want to keep more of a diary or record of my young family as they grow. I want to write more and take more photo’s. I want to be more in the moment, embracing the bedlam and making memories.

So I’m signing off as Sarah Aslett, writer at Admissions Of A Working Mother and signing on as Sarah – Mum OverRun. Here’s to the next chapter 🙂

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