Pregnancy and Birth

25 Weeks

I’ve not really done any week by week pregnancy updates, even though I know that’s the standard thing to do. I also know that in my first pregnancy I Googled pregnancy sites and blogs by week and that I’ve probably missed a trick here. But the thing is, I haven’t really had that much to say – well not on a weekly basis anyway.

To be honest anything from 8 weeks to 18 weeks would have been a constant repetition of “spent all week vomming, vommed in the morning, vommed at Tesco’s, cried about all the vomming, fell asleep on the sofa because of all the vomming”.

Not exactly an interesting or pleasant read!

I’m not one to report on the size of the sproglet in terms of fruit or vegetables either, although again this appears to be the standard thing to do. There’s just something about comparing your unborn child to a satsuma that doesn’t sit right with me.

Finley on the other hand loves a bit of fruit based foetus trivia. I have an app on my phone that gives a 3D computerised image of a baby as it grows and he’ll ask often “is she a pineapple now?”. He really wants her to be a pineapple, I’m not sure why.

I on the other hand, hope to God she is nothing like a pineapple…

He also likes to play spin the baby on this app, where he flips the cartoon baby around and around to make her all dizzy. Totally normal behaviour, no concerns raised here.

Perhaps if I’d had this blog during my first pregnancy I would have written more about that one. The first time around is more fascinating after all, every little change or appointment is a major life event. The first time I really looked forward to Midwife appointments, another milestone crossed off the list. Now I dread them, they are a bit inconvenient if I’m honest. Every time I have drag my three year old down there and bribe him with a Kinder Egg. Then he avidly watches me pee in a cup (all the glam), and I get to watch him lose his shit over the fact that he’s not allowed to pee in the cup.

Standard stuff.

I kinda feel a bit guilty about how unexciting this pregnancy has been for me. I mean, its just drifting by, sometimes people ask and I’m not even sure how far along I am. I think they want me to be all hyper and baby enthused but in all honesty I just want the pregnancy part to be over.

God, that’s terrible isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s a 25 week update for you – enjoy it, it could be the only one you get!

At 25 weeks this baby is apparently the same size as an acorn squash. Whatever the fuck that is. The nails are starting to form on her fingers and toes and she can grasp with her hands. By all accounts she is doing very well and kicks like a bucking bronco. Currently, because she is still so small these constant kicks are fine with me but I reckon I’m in for a right beat down in around ten weeks time.


At 20 weeks pregnant I apparently had a low lying placenta, not something that happened in my first pregnancy. Apparently it’s completely random and will most likely have moved upwards by the further scan I have booked at 28 weeks. If not, it doesn’t appear to be a biggie and as a C-section is most likely on the table anyway I’m not going to lose much sleep over it.

I also have a few fibroids but I had those last time and they didn’t cause an issue. They just keep an eye on them and hopefully they don’t get too big. I’m unclear as to what would happen if they did but hey what you gonna do? Can’t stop the train now can we?

I am at a higher risk than usual of struggling with my blood pressure again which is always in the back of mind. Last time my blood pressure sky rocketed at around 35 weeks and I was hospitalised for a few days and medicated for it. It all worked out ok, I didn’t develop Pre-Eclampsia and post birth my blood pressure slowly declined back to normal (drug assisted) within about 6 weeks. It has left me however with a bit of a irrational fear about having my blood pressure done. When I was in hospital they would come and check it every 4 hours and I would worry everytime, praying it was low enough for them to let me go home. Currently my blood pressure is absolutely fine but they want it monitored weekly from around 30 weeks.

What else is wrong with me?

Oh yeah a lovely bout of ‘my vagina is going to shatter‘ – medically coined as SPD. They can’t do anything, I’ve got to just get on with it. Awesome sauce.

My anxiety levels have also hit a current day high, as in I have not felt this anxious for at least five years. I think this is all pregnancy / hormones / terrorist attacks / lack of meds / general election related. For real, all these things add up and have an effect on me. I’m actually going to write a separate post on anxiety in pregnancy next week so I’ll link it back here when its done.

Once I get to about 32 weeks and the situation with the placenta is determined, the C-section or VBAC debacle may be taken out of my hands or I may have to make that choice myself. In the meantime I don’t see much point in thinking about it. Although if I do have to make that decision I’ll most likely be writing a post on that as well – and asking for some advice.

Bloody hell – long post eh?

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