Some Reasons Why 2016 Was Not All Shit

So my Facebook feed and my blog roll are full of posts and memes and laments about how awful 2016 has been for us all. For the record I don’t disagree, it has been pretty intense hasn’t it? Fucking Zika and Brexit and other strange words that would have meant far less to us twelve months ago. With the impending doom that may  be the Trump presidency and the constant revolving door of iconic celebrity death, it will be hard to reminisce about the good times of 2016.

 A lot of it was bloody horrific. Bastille Day, Syria, Brussels.

 Most of it was shocking. Brexit, Trump, Bowie.

 And some of it seemed so intense in the moment. So much emotion stirred up by the media and our daily frustrations.

 Did you even remember that fucking gorilla until I just said it?

For me personally however, 2016 was a good year. It followed hot on the heels of the spectacular shit storm that was 2015, our annus horribilis. This time last year I was pretty glum, pretty stressed and just exhausted. This year I decided to open myself up a bit more to life, to new experiences, to people and to the internet.

Not in a porno way.

I got a bit sick of being in my bubble. I’m still a socially awkward weirdo and crap writer but I feel much more positive about it all. I’m just happier. Good things happened this year – to me, for me and bought about by me. There weren’t any major life changing events that I can tell you about, it was just a good year, one of the better ones you know?

 It’s easy to dwell on all the negative and let it overwhelm you. I’m really good at that. But just because bad things happened,  doesn’t mean that the good ones didn’t. Some great things happened this year for all of us and we shouldn’t just dismiss them because they happened in 2016. So I just wanted to remind you about the awesome things that happened this year, just so you know that in actual fact – it wasn’t all bad.

A Good Year For Endangered Animals

I remember being told as a child that Panda’s would soon be extinct. Due to urban encroachment on their habitats and the loss of their only food source from great bamboo forests,they were an endangered species. However it was announced this year that although they remain a vulnerable animal, they are recovering in numbers due to the huge human effort and involvement to save them over the last 50 years. The numbers of Tigers, Green Turtles and Humpbank Whales are also on the rise!



Someone Famous Showed Us The True Meaning Of Feminism, For Once

Julia Roberts, a talented woman with real class showed us the real meaning of feminism this year. Instead of getting her knockers out in a bathroom like Kim Kardashian and labelling it feminism, just to get attention. Julia’s simple act of defiance by going barefoot on the Cannes red carpet spoke a million words to me. Women, it was declared must wear high heels at Cannes. Fuck that, she said.


Princess Charlotte Sits On A Dog

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I just bloody loved it. Probably because it’s the kind of thing that my son would do, except he’s not a Royal Princess so it’s not as funny. Kids just do weird shit don’t they?

SeaWorld Have Stopped Breeding Captive Orcas

SeaWorld announced early in year that they would immediately cease captive breeding and that the current generation of Orcas would be the last. If you haven’t watched Blackfish, go away and watch it now, its so awful but I just had no idea.



I love her. She came back. It was great. Plus she is fucking hilarious and I just like seeing her on stuff. Her Glastonbury set was amazing – watch it here.


The Ozone Layer Is Repairing Itself

Yes for real they announced this year that the hole we all made in the Ozone Layer is shrinking! All because we stopped using dodgy spray chemicals – another 35 years and it should be fixed up completely!


Leo Got His Oscar

Albeit with probably not his best film, but God loves a trier and we can finally stop hearing about it every year!


Ebola Vaccine

They have a vaccine it was announced this year. It’s going through trials but is being fast tracked. How great is that?

Jon Snow Didn’t Die

Oh do you remember the hoo-hah over this? Made me happy though.


Boaty McBoatFace

There was a very serious vote (not that one) to name a polar research ship earlier in the year. The overwhelming vote went for Boaty McBoatface which just makes me giggle. It never happened of course, the popular vote did not win out – sound a bit familiar?

And if you still feel like 2016 was a shit year, watch one of James Corden’s epic Carpool Karaoke’s – it will cheer you up no end.


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